I love concerts. They are a once in a lifetime experience. There is absolutely nothing like it. The setlist can be exactly the same for every location and every experience will still be different. Listening to an album I thoroughly enjoy brings feelings of happiness but hearing my favorite song performed live is a feeling that cannot be put into words.

Music has always played an important role in my life. I come from a family that has always had a strong love for music. My dad is one of those people that still buy CDs and has an old school black speaker to play them on. He was also one of those people that would keep every ticket stub from a concert in a jar at home.

When I was younger, I used to tell people I wasn't obsessed with music. Who was I kidding? People who know me well know that I'm not one to obsess over things; it's not part of my personality. With music, it's a different story. It is the one thing I do obsess over. One of the best feelings in the world is finding that one album when there's not a single song you don't like on it. For anyone that loves music as much as I do, they know this to be extremely rare. But as someone who loves music, there are very few concerts that I've been to for me; I can count the amount on one hand. The realization of my obsession has led me to want to attend more concerts.

We live in the technology age of iPhones and posting everything on social media. Even though I am guilty of this, there are still the little things I miss from when iPhones weren't a thing, like not having a phone out at the dinner table or taking videos of every song at a concert. The purpose of a concert is to be able to listen to an artist who is performing live just feet away from you. The experience is nothing like listening to the studio recorded album. It's what the artist sounds like raw. There are no autotune or effects to make the artist sound better. Their voices are in their natural state which makes hearing them live so special. You are also being able to see all of their emotion on their faces as they play their favorite song of the record. This is something that feels so vulnerable to watch you can't help but share their feelings.

Taking a video from the live show cannot compare to how it sounds in person. When you go to a concert, they use an incredible sound system that is very difficult to transfer over onto an iPhone video. The video is just a memory to hold onto. You can take as many as you want but it is completely different from experiencing it live right in front of your eyes. It's nice to be reminded of that memory when the video pops up on Timehop the following year, but I know that I most likely never watch that video again. The truth is whenever you randomly see the video from that concert, the feelings you once had at the moment are brought back to you which is why its purpose is to be a memory. Next time, resist the urge to take a video at your next concert and just live in the moment. Be there. We all know that concerts aren't cheap. Don't waste your money just to rely on a few videos. It is about the experience.