Being able to express love to the people in your life is one of the greatest blessings in life. When you express love to someone, they will have a better ability to express love to the people in their lives. I could not be more thankful for the ability to express love to my friends, my family, and my significant other; and even the fact that I do so very hard and strong. However, there have been many people to believe that there is a wrong way to love someone. I've seen many posts on social media expressing how this is the case, but this is not true. There are just preferences for love.

The most important thing to learn about love is the fact that everyone loves differently. Everyone expresses love differently and it's supercritical that they communicate that to everyone they love. Not every kind of love works for everyone, and that is completely okay. People will find the people that will love them the way they are used to and comfortable with and will thrive together by doing so. However, just because someone is not used to another way that other people express love does not mean that it is a "wrong" way to do so.

I could not count on both of my hands alone how many times people have told me how I express love was "wrong" and needed to change that. This would often shoot my self-esteem down and would make me feel like I was not worthy of love in the first place. This was a common talking point in my therapy sessions and would often talk about these situations as if I was in the wrong. Once I would let all of this out, my therapist has shown me the obvious that I did not even see; the fact that I was not in the wrong at all.

It took me a long time for me to realize that there was no right or wrong way to love someone in the first place. I had to meet lots of new people and trial-and-error quite a few relationships in order to realize that. It was not until then when I realized that the right people will love you the way you are and will appreciate how you love others. Those are the people I had to learn all throughout college to keep in my life while everyone around me knew that naturally.

Love is a blessing, but it is a blessing that is subjective to the individual. There are many different ways to express love and everyone expresses love differently. Not everyone is used to or comfortable with certain types of love, but what makes you comfortable might make someone else uncomfortable, and vice versa. When you tell someone to stop loving the way they do, you are expressing a lack of understanding of how love works. Love is complex, and when we treat it as the complex expression that it is, understanding different types of love will be easier.