I'm Not Having An Open Bar At My Wedding, So Suck It Up
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I'm Not Going To Have An Open Bar At My Wedding So Suck It Up And Sober Up

I'm not paying for you to get trashed at my wedding.

I'm Not Going To Have An Open Bar At My Wedding So Suck It Up And Sober Up

To put it simply: I'm not paying for you to get trashed at my wedding.


Like most girls, I've had a little dream wedding planned in the back of my mind for several years now and there is absolutely no open bar on my mental Pinterest board.

I have my reasons for not wanting one, and it's a lot more than worrying about how someone is going to act at the reception.

Of course, I am worried someone is going to make a fool of themselves or try something stupid at my own wedding, as the result of befriending the bartender.

I'd rather not mix my wedding day with memories of people drunkenly fighting, spewing on the dance floor, or partaking in other shameful activities related to having a few too many.

I also don't want to be worried about what happens after the reception.

Knowing my own self, I'd be so anxious someone wouldn't make it home OK.

Giving out free alcohol all night is bound to end up with someone getting behind the wheel intoxicated.

If something were to happen to one of my wedding guests as a result of them taking advantage of my open bar, I'd never forgive myself. Even though it's someone else's responsibility to know their limits and plan a safe ride home, I'd be the one who gave them access to basically unlimited alcohol and fostered an environment for that person to get drunk in.

Which being drunk is also a huge problem for young adults, and I'd rather not encourage an already major problem a lot of people are unknowingly dealing with.

By providing free drinks, I'm only worsening a huge problem, and I'd rather not do that.

Young adults love to push limits with alcohol or even lose track of their limit.

There's a good chance I'd be one of those people — especially being caught up in the excitement through the night — and the last thing I want to be is that bride.

Aside from wanting to avoid drunkenness, I also don't want to pay for an open bar.

I'd have to pay for all of that alcohol people are going to drink, and guess who doesn't want to do that.

Why spend all that money for everyone to get trashed for free when I could put the money towards something better?

I could buy real flowers, splurge on decorations, or — better yet — put that money towards the honeymoon.

I'm not saying I'm completely opposed to having alcohol at my wedding.

I wouldn't mind having a little bar where people pay for their own drinks.

I just sure as heck won't be paying for everyone else's, and if they have a problem with that, they can just RSVP no to my big day.

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