Everyone knows with the new year comes "new me" resolutions, but why do we depend on a year to change the way that we live?

The most common resolutions usually include changing something about yourself, whether it being your appearance, a bad habit, or how you spend your time on a day-to-day basis. Agreeably, bad habits like smoking or constant junk food should be changed, but that shouldn't be something that you rely on a new year for.

If you've ever made a New Year's Resolution in the past you know that your changed habit usually lasts for about a month, if not shorter. As the days go on you start to lose motivation and you start to think why you even made this promise to yourself. And you think to yourself "why am I doing this?" If you're happy in 2015 then stay that way in 2016. Do what you love, don't try to convince yourself that you need a resolution to make yourself happier. Be selfish.

Don't get me wrong, setting goals isn't a crime, but you shouldn't need specific goals to be set to make yourself content with who you are. I'm not going to tell myself that I need better grades or I need to find love or that I need to exercise more. Those needs should be wants.

As 2016 comes around (or any year for that matter), no one should feel like they have to change something about themselves. If anything, my New Year's Resolution is to stay exactly the same and not change a thing.