I am proud of being a lady. I am glad that women have the right to vote. I think men and women are created equally. And yet, I am not a feminist and do not wish to be associated as one.

The modern feminism movement has associated "created equally" with being the same. God created men and women in His image and says that we are all one in Christ (Galatians 3:28). This does not mean that we are the same. Men and women have different roles; this is why men and women are not identical and why we should not try to be. It is amazing that women can give birth (1 Corinthians 11:12), it is a miracle that happens everyday. Men are blessed with the role of authority. This does not mean that women are inferior to men, but that they should respect men in authority. Men do not try to take our roles and we should not try to take theirs. We are biologically created uniquely and we should not wish to change that, but be glad that God gave man a partner (woman).

This brings me to my next point that modern feminism does not create peace and unity, but strife and confusion. The modern feminism movement has created a group of women that think they need to go against men. Women can want equal rights, but should not go about it by trying to bring down men. This creates a culture of disrespect. This movement has also created strife between women. The rise of gender equality was originally created for political and occupational equality, not to attack the opposite gender, and especially not to attack women who have differing views. I saw this picture the other day and was surprised by the way equal rights has turned into an exclusive group.

We need to stop attacking people with different views. Advocate for your political and occupational rights without bringing others down. Creating change should not create individuals who discriminate in order to get what they want.

So many times we hear that women need to get out of the house and get a job and not let a man have authority over them. But I think that women should have the freedom to make their own choices without being judged and looked down upon because this is what the beginning founders of women’s rights would want. I want to be a stay-at-home mom and I want to submit to my husband (Colossians 3:18). Just because I want to work in the home does not mean that I am not taking advantage of the rights of women, but that I am exercising my freedom as a human. We should focus less on women versus men, or even women versus women, but the beauty in human life and our natural born rights. It’s amazing that God created man and woman in His image, but that He wanted them to have different positions in this world.

May we learn to be grateful that God created man and woman differently and that we have different roles and abilities that we should appreciate. I am glad that I am a woman/lady/female, but I do not want to be called a modern feminist. I don’t want to support the rise of one gender over another or the idea that women should not be pleased with their role.