As I get older, I realize that while I am becoming more independent, I still need my parents very much. I might not need them to take me places or to make my dinner, but I still need them nonetheless.

The way I need my parents today is merely different than the way I needed them ten years ago.

I still need my parents' support, but a new kind of support.

The support I need nowadays is emotional support, rather than constant financial support and support through daily activities. I need my parents to encourage me in my endeavors as I enter into the real world. I need my parents to back me up in my career choice, in my studies, in my struggles, and in my journey to being completely on my own.

I still need my parents' wise words.

There's nothing quite like getting good advice from my parents. No matter what I'm facing, I know my parents will have some sort of input to give me. I can always count on them to tell me what to do in a situation, and to tell me what's best in the long run. It's taken me a good while to truly realize it, but my parents are much wiser than me and they've made it further in life than I have so far, so they know what they're talking about. I cherish my parents' wise words more than ever in my later college years, and I know that I'll continue to need these wise words and their advice for the years to come.

I still need my parents' listening ears.

My parents are the best people to talk to in so many circumstances. When I'm having a rough day, they're always there to listen to me vent. Even if I can't vent face-to-face, at least one of them will answer my calls and my many text messages. When I'm having a good day, they always want to hear about all the good things that happened.

As I grow older, I know that the stereotype is that I won't need my parents anymore, but that simply isn't true. While I might not need my mom to pick my clothes out, my dad to take me to school, or my lunch packed for me every day, I still need their presence and input in my life. I might be developing my own views and routines in my life, but I'll always need them in some way.

Right now, the things I need from them include support, advice, and a good listener. As I grow older, I'll still need all these things as well. Except, I'll need these things for different reasons. Right now, I'm finishing up school and entering my career, and I need them to keep me sane and for them to keep me from giving up. Years down the road, I'll need these things in the form of help buying my first home and while raising my own family.

No matter how old I may get, I'll always need my parents in one way or another.