Nitin shah - Everything you need to know about Shimnit India
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Nitin shah - Everything you need to know about Shimnit India

From how it was started to what it is now!

Nitin shah - Everything you need to know about Shimnit India

About Shimnit India

Nitin Shah founded Shimnit India in 1987. A young, Gujarati boy decided to step away from his father's family business and start his own venture. Shimnit India is Nitin Shah's heart and soul; all his life Nitin has seen his family and relatives prioritize business which inspired him to do well as a businessman and led to all the success that he has achieved with Shimnit. Before Nitin started his own venture with Shimnit, he worked for his father to grow his family business. Along this journey, he learned a lot from intelligent and smart individuals around him. This helped him pick his business pace. To travel around the world and to grow his business were the two things that Nitin Shah deeply cherished. His travels to Japan were a great benefactor to his business venture as many clients from Japan were strategic partners to him when he founded Shimnit. All of them decided to trust him and decided to work with Nitin for Shimnit India. This greatly contributed to Shimnit's success.

Nitin shah business journe

At the beginning of its peak, Shimnit India dealt with products like Isotropic Graphite, lumatic tools and quick collecting couplers, automatic metal drilling machines, stone breaking machines, electric power tools, Ceramic Piezo for lighters etc. Few of Shimnit's clients and partners were Machita, Mia Mada, Ishikawa Kogyo, Toyo Tanso Company ltd, Nitto Hoki Manufactures.

A very important chapter of Shimnit's success was when Nitin Shah visited Amsterdam for his partner Kiwa Chemical company Ltd. Manufacturers of Retro reflective sheets for sign boards required for highways and municipal corporations. There he learnt about Stickers Road safety products, Highway information signages, railway info signages, etc. Nitin attended an exhibition where he conceived the idea to make Shimnit. He decided to bring Retro Reflective Sheets to the Indian Market. This chapter grew well in India as the Application License plate for vehicles (1987-1995) in the Indian market gained importance just around that time.

Post the amendment to Rule 50 of the Central Motor Vehicle Rule, 1989, Shimnit India Pvt. Ltd. was formed. The amendment brought about specifications for registration plates of Motor Vehicles considering the need for standardization of registration plates and also to incorporate security features which would deter all vehicle-related crimes. Since 2001, Shimnit India Pvt. Ltd. has been working as the manufacturer of HSRP according to the guidelines set by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH).

Shimnit award and recognition

Nitin Shah was the first person to present the idea of the Government of India and through the whole process being carried out he even met and discussed the same with the then Prime Minister of India to develop this market in India. In 2001, as India changed the rule and made the high-security registration plate compulsory which was responsible for building in the whole change, it helped Shimnit sore high throughout India.

Today, Shimnit India has a group of companies under it with an exceptional history of delivering unparalleled work in improving the Transport Sector of India through diverse projects in the past three decades. Shimnit India, founded in the year 1987, has since been working relentlessly for projects as wide-ranging as manufacturing and marketing of High-Security License Plates, Retro Reflective Sheeting, Road pavement markers, etc.

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