English Majors are often teased for knowing minute grammar rules, but they really are important. One of the more well known rules is the Oxford (or serial) comma. In a list of three things the comma between the first item and the second is required, however the comma between the second item and the word 'and' is technically optional. However, without it it can completely change the context of a sentence. Here are some of my all time favorites.

1. An Efficient Breakfast that leads to soggy toast:

Sure it all goes the same place but I wouldn't want to put orange juice on my toast. Imagine the mess.

2. Historically Inaccurate Jobs

JFK and Stalin might have been around strippers before but I doubt they were every strippers, and if they were we certainly wouldn't take them seriously.

3. That would be Cannibalism and Animal Cruelty.

Note to self: Never eat Rachael Ray's cooking....

Although, there is something slightly suspicious about her smile.

4. Well that escalated quickly...

They fell in love at first...hand shake? Who's going to tell Michelle?

5. He is a lot older than we all thought. And has a unique collection...

The Secret Life of Nelson Mandela or his unauthorized biography.

6. Some mistakes are permanent

Make sure you proofread your tattoos first.

7. When your dedication isn't *quite* right.

Now that David Bowie is dead this is a lot funnier. But before that, I'm pretty sure his wife wouldn't enjoy this error.

8. Don't be Crazier.

I mean, my friends and I are crazy but you don't need to advertise it.

9.Creating an accidental ship

"She took a picture of her parents, the president and the vice president"

It gives a whole new meaning to being to relationships like Trump-Pence, I bet this was their wedding photo.

Lesson learned: the oxford comma keeps you out of dangerous, unpleasant, awkward or permanent situations.