1. The friend with the internship.

There's nothing like an internship to make a guy feel like he's officially the next Wolf of Wall Street. Expect multiple Snapchats and snap stories from this guy, with him in his suit, or of his desk/computer. If it's a girl, expect snaps of Starbucks in front of an office window. No one needs to know she snuck into the CEO's office to get the good view.

2. The recent graduate.

From this guy or girl, one can expect snaps of them still at their college, staying until the exact last date that their lease ends. Who cares if the bars are emptying out more and more each day? This person is there to Snapchat their last few glory days while turning the best four years of their life into the best four years and two months and five days of their life.

3. The funemployed friend.

No job, no problems. The most common Snapchat coming from this person is him or her still in bed in the middle of the day, until they muster up the strength to put on a bathing suit and head to the pool or beach. Bonus points if the timestamp is used, showing exactly how much of their day has been spent not working.

4. The one-upper.

Snapchat was like a gift from God to narcissists across the world. Why talk about all the cool trips you'll be taking and boats you'll be sailing this summer when you can post a snap story of it for all your Snapchat friends to see? “Rough life," “Not a bad view," and the casual sunglass emoji are a few of this person's favorite captions for their Snapchats. It's not rude or annoying if they use a witty, sarcastic caption, right?

5. The 150-second snap story.

This person's main goal apparently is to ensure he/she is not forgotten about by college friends while home for summer. To ensure they are on all friends' minds at all times, they upload Snapchats from their hometown to their snap story like it's their job. It's honestly unnecessary to keep in touch with this person via text because you know everything they've been doing every day, all day, thanks to their beloved Snapchat story.

6. The guy or girl back for more.

Coming home from college for the summer means coming home to everyone from your high school, whether it be friends, enemies, or exes. For those not over their exes despite the one, two, or three-year span since the breakup, the month of May means 'tis the season to start snapchatting them again. You drive through the streets you used to drive with them, pass by the high school where you went to prom together, and next thing you know they've got a flame next to their name on Snapchat.

7. The one obsessed with their dog.

I love dogs as much as the next person. If I could, I would try to hold a puppy at least once a day, every day. What I don't love is clicking through a 50-second snap story, only to find it's a play-by-play of a dog walking across a yard. If he's a puppy, the unwritten rules of Snapchat state you officially get a year of snapchatting him as much as you please. If these snaps have been going on for upwards of four years though, it's time to cut down the dog snaps to maybe one per week, max.

8. The one who wants to be your #fitspo.

If one of your friends is suddenly a fitness freak, expect Snapchats of their sneakers on the track, or selfies in their workout gear on the reg. Science proves the workout doesn't burn calories if you don't let all of social media know that you worked out. Everyone knows that. Especially this girl or guy.

9. The foodie.

Similar to how a workout doesn't burn calories if it's not on Snapchat, science also proves that food doesn't taste as good if it's not on Snapchat. This person will snapchat every lobster roll, s'more, and home-cooked dinner they see this summer. Their ultimate goal is most likely to end up on @foodintheair on Instagram. But until their five minutes of fame, they'll have to stick to their Snapchat story and just pray that all their friends view it before its 24 hours is up.

Whether you're interning away or funemployed, rekindling your old high school love, burning 1,000 calories a day, or eating 1,000 calories a day, Snapchat ensures that all your closest 110 friends know. The keeping-in-touch game has been forever changed by Snapchat, so forget about texting your friends, or asking how their summers are going. Open up your Snapchat and see for yourself.