Nikita Dragun Is Literally The Fantasy

Everyone knows the Victoria Secret Fashion Show is held every year in various cities with the models prepping a month in advance to wear lingerie on the runway. This year major controversy emerged when Chief Marketing Officer, Ed Razek stated in an interview that they sell a fantasy and by including plus size and transgender models the fantasy can fade. In my opinion, growing up all I wanted was to look like a model, and many young girls still try to look like these models that do not accurately represent all body types.

Nikita Dragun, a transgender Youtuber, posted a short snippet of her in lingerie walking around and posing in a mansion. The snippet is similar to the commercial Victoria Secret posts during the holiday season. I prefer Nikita Dragun's video more because it shows that anyone can sell a fantasy not just tall, slender women. Moreover, it disregards that transgender woman are women.

This also goes with plus size woman not being included in the fantasy because they are plus size. The whole show is about promoting the lingerie, so all women should be able to strut in lingerie and sell the fantasy because every individual has their own version of the fantasy. Nikita captioned her Instagram post by saying, "Dear Victoria's Secret, you said trans women can't sell the 'fantasy' so here I am as a TRANS WOMAN selling the FANTASY!" and then added "Everyone is beautifully unique. Embrace your differences. Stand tall in who you are! Live your fantasy and don't let anyone tell you otherwise."

We are in a modern age where acceptance and love for one another should be embraced. Moreover, Savage by Fenty is inclusive to all body types and women and the models are such beautiful women and make the buyer feel more gorgeous and sensual. Thanks to Nikita's post going viral on Instagram and doing interviews for news and magazines she is able to promote self-acceptance and acceptance for transgender women. Hopefully, more plus-size women and transgender women are being included in lingerie runways and for modeling shoots.

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