Congrats, Nike, With Your Plus-Size Mannequin, You've Done It Again
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Congrats, Nike, With Your Plus-Size Mannequin, You've Done It Again

Yet another shout out to Nike, not for anything political this time, but for adding plus size mannequins to stores.

Congrats, Nike, With Your Plus-Size Mannequin, You've Done It Again

Even though this is a fantastic win for plus size people who not only love Nike but are looking for nice workout clothes, some of the people, not so fantastic.

There's a lot to talk about here, part of the issue is the treatment of plus-sized women. We just can't win. As I spoke about in one of my older articles, we are expected to lose weight but we are not given any options of clothing to work out in, if we are it doesn't fit right. It's kind of a lose-lose right now because of the opinions people want to have and their assumptions of our health. Two weeks ago was the first time I saw Nike plus size in a store.

Shout out to Ross for my 2X Nike workout leggings. I was ecstatic, I get pockets now just like skinny women, they don't fall down, they're comfortable and man, do I look good.

Anyway, many people have been either defending us or against us. Some people have claimed it's promoting unhealthy lifestyles. Welp. That makes no sense, if anything Nike is all out promoting healthy lifestyles, by giving us a choice. Something other athletic brands don't do. I prefer to look good, and I don't think I've ever looked rough in my Nike, so I really appreciate being able to wear what most women at the gym wear. Fashionable and comfortable work out clothes.

I know I have more motivation to work out if I look decent while doing so because I'm already way too self-conscience when I go. Nike Is doing the exact opposite of promoting unhealthy lifestyles by having these mannequins, but they are making our weight loss fight bearable.

Let's focus on the real issue. Those mannequins don't follow the beauty standard. In reality, the standard mannequin is hardly average. In another one of my previous articles, I mentioned the backlash plus-sized models receive if they feel confident enough to post a photo, but I never expected this sort of backlash over a piece of plastic. It just solidifies the hate we receive from society and the hypocrisy of some people.

Sorry my metabolism isn't as fast as most, but you don't know my battle with my weight and when we see one step forward for plus-sized women be knocked back three spaces by people who deem themselves healthy because they can fit in designer clothing we don't want to go to the gym. We don't feel welcome, because the second we gain the confidence to post a photo, go to the gym, run in public, we are so terrified of the treatment we will receive.

So thank you, Nike, for making this step and including ALL sizes, and not just catering to the "average" size for clothing. I speak for most when I say we appreciate you for finally taking the step we have been begging for for so long.


The thick chick who wears Nike.

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