Night Classes: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

Night Classes: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

There's always going to be that one class that is only ever offered at night, here's some tips!

At some point, we all will most likely end up taking a night class or two. I was unlucky enough to have to take one during my first semester (though Dr. Beck is a pretty cool professor). Would I willingly take one again if I had the choice between that and the same class during the day? Eh, maybe. Everyone has their own preferences, so let's tackle the pros and cons of night classes!

The Good:

1. If that's your only class that day, you can sleep in as late as you want!

If your class is at 6, and it's your only one that day, it's perfectly acceptable to sleep until 3 PM! (Though, you probably shouldn't.)

2. Typically, there are no assigned seats!

If you're in a mass lecture at night, your professor will tend to not bother with assigned seats. You can sit wherever you want, like a nice area hiding from your professor so that you can take a nap. (I really suggest not napping in class though.)

3. You're guaranteed breaks during class!

Most night classes are only once a week so, in that case, you're guaranteed breaks instead of a three-hour long lecture. Perfect time for Starbucks runs!

4. Depending on the class, the professor may let you out early!

From personal experience, I can say this is true (you go, Dr. Beck!). In a three-hour lecture, you have plenty of time to get everything done. In most situations you'll get everything done about 20-30 minutes early.

5. The class is most likely only once a week!

Night classes tend to be once a week deals, which means that only one night a week do you need to dread listening to your professor drone on and on and get what I'm saying. Even with breaks, the lectures can see to go on forever.

6. If you're a vampire, these are the best classes for you to take!

Ok, this one may be a joke, but come on! If you were a vampire would you want to go to class in the morning and risk turning to dust (or sparkle...)? Granted with how cloudy Bloomsburg can be, it might as well always be nighttime for the vampires...

The Bad & The Ugly:

1. They can make your day feel like it's dragging on forever.

This one is from personal experience. If you've got classes during the day before it you can finish them and think "Hey, I'm done for the day!" That is, until you remember that you have a three-hour long class that night and that you're not done yet.

2. They're at night..

Well, this is pretty obvious, but the fact that they're at night is pretty annoying. All your other friends are going to hand out and have fun...and you're stuck listening to your professor lecture to you about the parts of the brain. You can love the class, but in the end, being stuck in class while your friends are having fun is a drag.

3. Dinnertime can be really awful.

Depending on when you class starts will determine how suck-ish (that's a word!) your dinner plans are. You can either a) skip dinner, b) eat dinner alone or c) eat dinner really quickly. Let's be honest, those are all pretty terrible options. I can vouch too, that trying to get Subway at 5:30 means that you won't get your food until your class actually starts basically.

4. Getting a job during the semester? Can't work that night, sorry.

Nighttime is the primetime for college students to find working hours. Classes are normally in the morning and you can work at night. However, if you've got a class, you can't work. It doesn't seem like much, but losing working hours when you're a poor, starving college student can add up.

5. You have a greater chance of falling asleep during class.

Combining a three-hour long mass lecture with the fact that it's at night--it's unavoidable to get tired. I was tired every class pretty much. If you're in a comfy chair in a lecture hall, the professor's monotonous talking can sound like a sweet lullaby.

6. The inevitable chance of having class with a vampire...

I couldn't help myself, sorry guys! Really though, if you have a night class, your chances of having a class with a vampire increases tenfold! If you notice any obscenely pale people with fangs and blood dripping from their mouth in your class...I highly suggest not sitting next to them.

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16 Tells You're Criminally Obsessed With True Crime, Guilty As Charged

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1. You always know which story Law & Order: SVU "ripped from the headlines"

Duh, mom, this episode is about Gypsy Rose Blanchard, this is so obvious.

2. You have a very strong stance on famous, unsolved cases

I trust that Burke killed Jon Benét more than I trust what my own name is.

3. You are pretty much constantly paranoid

"That guy drives a van? Yeah, he's killed someone."

4. You may or may not have a favorite serial killer or favorite case

Yeah, its weird but Ed Gein is just so interesting.

5. You're careful who you tell your obsession to because it makes you sound creepy

Finding another true-crime lover is wonderful because you can share the articles and documentaries you find without them thinking that you are terrifying.

6. Don't even get me started on cults

"American Horror Story Cult" was not only entertaining but led to a month-long cult obsession, Googling everything you could about every single cult that's ever existed, ever.

7. You could win a trivia contest on prolific killers

Information about Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Bundy is constantly readily available in your brain.

8. The People true crime feature magazines are your favorite literary materials

It's always information you already know, and it's always information you're ready to read again.

9. You'd be pissed if you got jury duty for something like a traffic violation

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10. Curling up with a horror book or a Creepy Catalog article is how you unwind

Sure, sometimes you have to throw on a comedy show after because you know you'll have nightmares, but it is worth it for some good pre-bed scares.

11. "My Favorite Murder" is your favorite entertainment

Some people run to music, others run to murder podcasts.

12. Your search history could make you look like you're a killer

As soon as you learn about a new case, you start on Wikipedia and go from there. Leading to about 47 pages of information about Albert Fish.

13. True Movie Thursday was the greatest thing to ever happen on TV

And, of course, then you spent the next 2 hours after it was over learning about the real case.

14. You're convinced you're going to solve a cold case

Sure, nobody has solved the Zodiac Killer YET but *I* haven't dedicated enough time to solve it.

15. Rigor Mortis and Modus Operandi are just parts of your vocabulary at this point

Words the layperson would not even recognize as English are easily defined in your world.

16. Despite your search history, you're a very normal person

You're a totally sane person who wouldn't hurt a fly... Unless they faked an injury to try to lure you into their car, TED.

Cover Image Credit: Crime Watch Daily

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