4 Reasons Why The NFL Draft Is Special And Deserving Of Your Attention

4 Reasons Why The NFL Draft Is Special And Deserving Of Your Attention

The grand meeting point between college and pro football.

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Last week, the National Football Leauge had its annual draft. My dad is extremely cynical about this event, refusing to sit around for the suspenseful minutes between picks, instead opting to "look at the roster on the internet the next day." As if the roster will be updated that soon. I do not share that opinion with him. The NFL draft is extremely exciting, and for the reasons below, I watch, along with millions of people in America every year.

1. First things first, your team gets a new player

The fact is good players make plays that win games. The best feeling as a fan is hearing the energetic stadium PA announcer scream the name of a player before the game as part of the starting lineup or when they make a game-winning play. Instead of Avery Williamson, Titans fans will hear the name Rashaan Evens over the speakers and from the mouths of the TV analysts.

2. The suspense before your team makes the pick

When the team before your's make their selection, your team is now "on the clock." 10 minutes now separate current time from learning the name of the newest player on your favorite team. That moment then comes-- often sooner than the allotted 10 minutes-- and the famous "pick is in" graphics appear on your TV screen, Roger Goddel (who is booed when he walks onstage) takes the podium and says the famous words: "with the 22nd pick of the 2018 NFL draft, the Tennessee Titans select...."

3. Blockbuster trades

Teams may have a particular player in their mind that they want and decide they are willing to give some of what they already have in order to grab this player while is still available. Josh Allen, one of the most sought-after quarterbacks in this year's draft, was still available after the first six teams made their picks.

Knowing that he would be picked by someone else soon, the Bills traded their #12 pick to Tampa, who originally held the #7 pick and already had a QB to work with-- Jameis Winston. To balance the trade offer, Tampa also received two 2nd round picks. These kinds trades are not uncommon but can be very sudden and change the course of entire franchises. If Josh Allen becomes great, this brief moment will live forever in Bills fame.

4. The draft is where College Football and the NFL combine to form a mega-event

The age-old debate: College vs Pro football. College people think the NFL is boring and unspirited, while the NFL people think the college game is too sloppy and unprofessional. I am not one of those people and enjoy both versions immensely. I love the draft because it is a chance to see where the best college players will make their next impact. When a Cane gets picked, I at first get a little upset because the Titans didn't pick the player.

But soon I feel great for the young man who gave everything for the past 3-4 years for the Hurricanes, and now has made the games biggest stage, a dream come true. Braxton Berrios was one of the best Miami Hurricanes, and while the fan favorite will be missed in Coral Gables, we're all going to support him as he suits up for arguably the NFL's best team, the New England Patriots.

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