As the political climate has gotten hot and heavy with mounds of informational vomit to spew, we find ourselves in a very confusing time. What is the truth? However, do we decipher 'fake news' and 'good news'?

Are the sources we originally derived information from still trustworthy? I don't know and I don't believe anyone will know. This is something that has gotten out of control even though it's something that is marketed to us.

It's very similar to the scenario of 'organic food'. At one point in time, all food was organic and natural. However, over time it turned into something that wasn't; we started finding chemicals, preservatives, processed bits of who-knows-what in our food. The same thing has happened to our news.

Trump calls Haiti a shithole, Trump has had relations with a pornstar, North Korea is participating in the Olympics and is sending an orchestra, a meteor crash-landed in Detroit, MI, a false alarm for ballistic missiles was sent to everyone in Hawaii. There's more where that came from!

We are now experiencing sensory overload. What do we spend our time reading and/or listening about as news? Are we at a point where we've just stopped caring about news?

Not only am I bothered about the things that the media covers, but I'm also bothered about what they decide to cover. There are so many stories and breaking headlines that are more valuable than hearing about Trump calling other countries shitholes, his health, and his affairs.