For the first time in five years, the New York Giants are back in the playoffs. Quarterback Eli Manning and crew look to make noise in the wildcard game Sunday versus the Green Bay Packers. The temperature will be frigid but the team should come in hot after beating the Washington Redskins last Sunday in the regular-season finale. The game has not been the only thing in the news this week, as "Boatgate" has grabbed headlines in newspapers and sports networks all week. If you have not heard Wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. and teammates went to Miami and partied in the clubs and on a boat with musician Justin Bieber on their off day. The story has gone from a non-story to a big deal when word came down that drugs may have been on the boat.

Besides the negative coming out of "Boatgate," I'm excited to see the Giants back in the playoffs after five years of heartbreak. The playoffs will bring back a lot of memories for me. When the Giants won in 2007 and again in 2012, it was exciting times — If you're a giants fan you remember where you were for both those games when the amazing catches were made to seal the deal against the New England Patriots. I still have many collectibles and newspaper clippings of games and the parade. Most importantly, I have the memkories of watching the game and since the Giants are the only one of my teams that have won something in my life. It makes it more important and a moment I hope to relive someday.

After attending my first game this past season, I felt even more connected to this fanbase and team. Nothing beats going to games and yelling and screaming for your team until your throat hurts. The Giants have an awesome defense and despite the loss of defense end Jason Pierre-Pau, l they have kept most teams from scoring under twenty points. This is also the team to beat the Dallas Cowboys twice, the Cowboys have been one of the best teams in the league. Also, I cannot forget Odell Beckham Jr., the wide receiver has set many records this season and been Mannings number one target all season. I personally cannot wait for Sunday kickoff and hope for a great game.