How many times have you been asked what your favorite place in the entire world is? Probably a lot right? So many people have their own opinion of the greatest place to spend the day. I have found myself thinking of the many places I love to go, but New York City is the number one place that has my heart.

I find myself thinking about what it would be like to live in the city for maybe just a few months. I have grown up in a small town and moving to the city would be such a major change for me. Spending three days in a city the size of New York, is just not enough time. There are so many places to shop and visit that there is never enough time to only spend a few days there.

The Upper East Side of Manhatten is my favorite place to go. There is a Starbucks on every corner, a Victoria's Secret every where you turn and a place to get your favorite lipstick or designer purse just a few blocks apart. No one can resist the food venders and their "New York hotdogs"

Central Park may be tied in that first place spot has the best places to visit in New York City. It's such a long walk but worth every step. It takes anywhere from an hour to two hours to make it the entire way around. My favorite, is "The gossip girl tunnel" where Chuck and Blaker get married. I'm pretty sure that's not the actual name for it but it's still beautiful.

Although we see the beautiful parts of the city, we never seem to notice the most devastating part of New York; the homeless rapped in their blankets on every street.

This Christmas, you will be sitting by the fire in your favorite fuzzy socks and blanket to keep you warm. You will be opening your gifts and giving them away to your friends and family. As I walk the streets of New York I can't help but think of the men and women who won't have that opportunity but to dig for their Christmas meal out of a garbage can or get a Christmas gifts for themselves in a sewer.

The outbreak of homeless in the city has gone up beyond belief. The millions of people that walk by, never seem to pay attention but only judge the less fortunate. They talk about how they are lying in their way or how horrific they smell but never once stop to ask them if they are okay. I have watched during the winter months as they try to find a heating vent to lay on to keep warm, or find a subway station to protect themselves from the snow. Most of these people have lost their homes or families, not always from drugs, but from a fire or not being able to afford their rent because the taxes are so high.

While you are sitting in your house this Christmas, think about how lucky you are to be able to experience a hot meal and spend time with your family this year. Because there are those who are just not as lucky as us that are fighting for a warm place to stay during the holiday season.