Well, everyone. It’s that time of year again. The time when we set all of our ambitions and high hopes for the New Year such as getting fit, being healthy, making good grades, etc. But this year, I want to focus showing the love of Jesus to others. To offer the hopeless, hope and the broken hearted, love.

As millennials, we are often looked down upon by other generations. We are considered to be entitled and lazy. And while for some of our fellow millennials, this is an accurate opinion. For most, it couldn’t be farther from the truth. So this truly proposes a problem for us, as Christian millennials, because we need to truly step it up so that we may be set apart. It is harder for us to be taken seriously by other generations simply because of our age which can become discouraging. But we do have something that other generations lack. We are relatable to our peers. We can relate to their social anxiety, peer pressure and love for Chipotle, which all allows for common ground. Therefore, do not be discouraged because your voice does matter.

In 2017, it is our responsibility to show our fellow millennials that we are the church, that we are the branches and that we are here to share God’s love. So be open, be vulnerable but most importantly be honest and real. There is not one of us who is better than another, we have all been broken and are all healed through the same love and grace which is freely given by Jesus Christ.

We need to show others that church is more than fog machines and live bands. That church is more than photo-ops and a place to hang out on Sunday’s and Wednesday’s. We need to show others the authentic side of church – the real and raw truth of our Savior and how He humbly came to save us. We need to share with others that they matter, that they are needed, that they have a purpose. So offer your time to be a mentor, show others how to serve and better your community. Just be a friend for goodness sake. God is not calling us to do anything extremely crazy (although He may eventually). But all He really wants is for us to be willing to be the building blocks of His kingdom.

So, in 2017, are you willing?

Are you willing to step outside of what may be considered your comfort zone to share the love of Jesus Christ? Are you willing to let Him use you in ways that He never has before? Are you willing to let Him start a burning fire inside of your soul? Because we serve a mighty God who has no limitations, not even one. He is aching for us to reach out and build His kingdom.And in 2017, I believe that as Christian millennials, it is our time to show our peers who exactly Jesus Christ is and the love that He has for each and every one of us because they deserve that.