11 New Year's Resolutions All House Cats Are Making This Year

11 New Year's Resolutions All House Cats Are Making This Year

I WILL make sure my human's clothes are covered in my fur.

As a cat lady in training, I couldn’t help but wonder what kind of New Year’s Resolutions my cats were making this year. So, I asked one of my cats what her resolutions were and picked my 11 favorites to share.

1. I will pounce on my human to make sure they are alive in the morning.

Some may think that I care, but it's just so that my human will feed me.

2. I will beg for my human's food, even after they have given me my own food.

I probably won't even eat it.

3. I will bring "gifts" to my human.

Maybe this year my human will appreciate dead mice and birds as gifts.

4. I will play dead on the stairs, especially when my human is trying to bring in groceries or laundry.

It really trips them up.

5. I will teach my human how to type properly.

Diz iz howz u typez proper.

6. I will nap on any and every surface that I find.

Where there's a will, there's a way.

7. I will torture the dog every single day.

I need a guaranteed reason to laugh every day.

8. I will set the record for the most naps a cat has ever taken.

Following your dreams is important.

9. I will learn to fly.

Birds will be easier to catch if I can fly.

10. I will make sure my human's clothes are covered in my fur.

Especially their black clothes.

11. I will be the purr-fect cat.

If nothing else, I will be better than everyone else.

Cover Image Credit: JaelAnn Hoover

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Janaharsha Group speculates best residential real estate investment options of 2018

Year 2017 has been a dynamic year for the Indian real estate sector. Experts from the Janaharsha Group highlights the areas

  Year 2017 has been a dynamic year for the Indian real estate sector. Experts from the Janaharsha Group highlights the areas that might have maximum potential this year. 

The Indian real estate sector underwent various policy changes in 2016 and 2017. The Centre has been taking various initiatives to fix the loopholes in the sector. It implemented various policies to protect the interest of home buyers. These policies include – Real Estate Regulatory Act (RERA), Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), Benami Transactions Act, Demonetization and Goods and Services Tax (GST). 

While some policies directly made an impact on the sector, others affected it obliquely. Implementation of RERA, REITs and Benami Transactions Act made a visible impact on the sector. Whereas, GST and demonetization were introduced as a war against black money across all sectors in the country. These efforts of the government were initiated to create affordable housing and transparency in the realty market. 

Experts from Janaharsha Estates assert that 2018 will be a year of fruitful results. They are certain that the policy changes will reflect a positive outcome this year for both developers and investors. Moreover, the market will be better regulated and more transparent. 

These policy changes will usher in low risk and stable returns for the realty sector. However, the question is what is in store for the investors and for the sector in 2018.

Factors to look out before investing in a home

Janaharsha experts discussed the key parameters that the buyers must keep in mind before investing in housing 

· Developer Branding: This is the most important factor that investors of residential projects should consider. Basically, developer branding is a comprehensive understanding of previous delivery records, source of funds and a check on essential documents.

· Status of Land: Buyers must check on the status of the land. It is important to understand whether developer owns the land or has development rights for it. 

· Investment horizon: Look for a property with at least five years of investment horizon, as the fast churning of investment doesn’t work anymore. 

Janaharsha Group says that in 2018, affordability of the buyers and expectations of sellers will dictate the prices determined by the market. Their experts are considering this to initiate a rise in value of property in the micro-markets. On that account, investing in micro-markets within geography will be productive for home buyers.


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Addiction is... 

Addiction is a monster.


 Addiction is a monster. It is a virus, contracted by those who are weak minded, who make poor choices, knowingly or unintentionally. Addiction can so quickly take over a person, cause them to become someone that they are not and change their entire outlook on life. Addicts are not sick, but are suppressed by this demon which is taking over their mind and body. Everyone can become addicted to something. Once you are addicted you become enslaved by this craving, your mind takes over your body in a way. Addiction effects every person differently, as well as overcoming or coping with one. Once you are oppressed by this obsession it becomes a full-on battle and you will develop a dependence. Addiction is no joke. 

I personally have very strong opinions about addiction and addicts in general. There is so much to debate on when it comes to this sensitive subject but everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I have many personal experiences which have influenced mine. These opinions could pertain to any addiction and are not confined to just substance abuse. I believe that addiction is not a disease, if anything it is a disorder. Addictions are caused by choices that one makes. Substances, objects, and actions which most commonly turn into addictions usually are publicly known to be addictive. Exposing yourself to these things is a choice which you can make, whether or not the outcome is in your control. Those who are strong willed and can recognize and admit to their addiction are those who can most easily overcome them. The first step to conquering addiction is accepting that it is in fact there. 

Addiction will always vary from person to person. Some people have very strong minds and are able to overcome an addiction before it even starts, others are weaker minded and can become dependent almost instantly. Throughout my 20 years of life I’ve had many encounters and relationships with addicts and I think the most important thing that I’ve learned is that you truly cannot help someone who doesn’t want to help themselves. You can beg and plead and try to persuade them to quit but until they understand in their own mind that they need to, helping them in any way is very difficult. I’ve also learned that while almost all addictions begin with poor choices made by the addict, they really do develop into an awfully different person. Addiction can cause a person to make choices and do things that they would never even imagine doing prior. 

Nonetheless, I in a way will feel no remorse for addicts. At least not ones who refuse to get help or to somewhat better themselves. Maybe I only feel this way because of how many negative experiences I’ve had with addicts, or because I’ve been a first-hand witness to what addiction can do to a person. I do however believe in forgiveness. I understand that addiction can take over one’s perception and cause them to do regretful things, but in a way, I can only forgive so much before I start to question whether or not this person will ever be able to make cognitive decisions on their own without their addiction dictating their thought process. 

I learned what an addict was at a very young age. I don’t feel spiteful towards the people who exposed me to the concept of addiction so young because it truly did teach me a lot of important lessons, and I may not have been a successful as I am today if it weren’t for them. I am a first-generation college student, I watched my parents battle a few addictions as well as other family members and close family friends. I’ve had things stolen from me as a child by an adult who needed to feed their addiction and it took me a while to grasp the idea that these people weren’t doing it to be malicious towards me, but rather because their brain was telling them they had to do it and that they needed it. Instead of following in their footsteps I always looked at it as a perfect example of what NOT to do with myself as I grew older. I watched how addiction affected my parents and the battle they went through to overcome it and how strong they had to be for themselves and for me. I appreciate that my parents were and still are one-hundred percent honest with me when it came to their substance abuse, and they listened to me when I offered my help. 

Addiction is a monster. Addiction is a struggle, a battle within your own mind and body. Addiction is different for every person. Addiction is sad. Addiction is unhealthy. Addiction is something that is hard to understand, it effects so many yet no one can agree on how they feel about it.  Addiction is a monkey on the backs of so many amazing people, it will bring you down, it will ruin relationships, and it definitely will hurt you. Addiction is scary, but I no longer fear it. 


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