New Year, Better You

New Year, Better You


So here we are; the beginning of 2017. A brand spankn new year!

Another year to rediscover ourselves. To form new relationships, achieve previously set goals, and make new mistakes.

As I sit here and reflect on 2016, I can't help but be thankful for the opportunities and experiences that I encountered throughout the year.

Lots of heart break, lots of tears, but lots of cool places and people in between. Through these times I have learned many lessons. I've begun to realize the impact others had on me, as I had on them.

I've realized where I want to be, and who I want to be by the end of 2017.

But you know what I've always wondered? Why do we have to use the new year as an excuse to reinvent ourselves? To better ourselves. To seek new opportunities.

Answer- WE DON'T! And that's the glory of life. Every day is a new day to become better. It's a clean slate. So why not try to better ourselves DAILY?? And not only better ourselves, but those around us as well.

Many of you may find yourselves contemplating the past year and everything it brought, good and bad. You may feel inspired to make some changes. And I think that is great. Change is a wonderful thing!

Below are the top things I would like achieve not only this year, but daily. We should take full advantage of every day God gives us! I hope that you may find yourself brainstorming of ways to create a better you.

Remember, you're not in this alone. Bettering yourself will lead to bettering your community, which leads to bettering the world! It's crazy to picture, but you know I'm right.

Positivity > Negativity

First, you must rid yourself of negativity. In my opinion, this will be the hardest but most important attribute. It's so ridiculously easy to be negative, but seeing the positive in every situation will lead to a more stable and happy mental health.

So I challenge you to contradict every negative comment with a positive. An added bonus- spreading positivity will increase the morale of others around you.

Speaking of others around you, it may be time to revaluate who you surround yourself with. Making the right decisions are not always going to be easy. You may find yourself surrounded with those who cause you to think negatively, and that has to change! You begin to act as those around you do.

To be honest, you need to do what's best for you. So if that means distancing yourself from certain people, then do so. And I'm not going to lie, it's going to be hard. But I can assure you, you will see the difference it makes!

Be Kinder

If I've learned anything from working in retail, it's to do your best to be kind FIRST. You NEVER know what someone else is going through, how their day has been, their current situation. And honestly, being kind isn't all that hard!

So why do we make it seem impossible? Not only being kind in general, but being kind first!

Over the past year, I have been around others who go out of their way to speak to others and show kindness. So-lets be more kind people!! You never know where it will lead.

Me Time

Alone time is a must. I value my alone time, because it gives me time to contemplate life, my dreams, and make my to-do list.

Whether its baking, journaling, reading, even binging on Netflix, having time to yourself is a great asset towards your happiness. I cannot stress enough how important time to yourself is!!

Everyone needs a break from everything, as well as everyone. Trust me- taking 30 minutes-1 hour a day will help your head feel less cluttered and refreshed.

Be Present

Throughout our lifetime, there are many incredible experiences we will have, influential people we will meet and encounter, heart breaks we will survive, difficult lessons to learn, etc. One must live in the moments, because we won't get these moments back!

Regardless if they're good or bad, they are memories. These moments make up our life. So soak it all in friends, and never take a day for granted.

If you've taken anything from my words, I hope you realize that NO ONE is perfect. Everyone is looking for change in some way.

And it's okay to want more for yourself.

You deserve more; your life was meant for more.

I challenge you to format some goals for yourself, and fulfill them daily. Push yourself to be better, to make the world better.

You can do amazing things, now go show them.

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College As Told By Junie B. Jones

A tribute to the beloved author Barbara Parks.

The Junie B. Jones series was a big part of my childhood. They were the first chapter books I ever read. On car trips, my mother would entertain my sister and me by purchasing a new Junie B. Jones book and reading it to us. My favorite part about the books then, and still, are how funny they are. Junie B. takes things very literally, and her (mis)adventures are hilarious. A lot of children's authors tend to write for children and parents in their books to keep the attention of both parties. Barbara Park, the author of the Junie B. Jones series, did just that. This is why many things Junie B. said in Kindergarten could be applied to her experiences in college, as shown here.

When Junie B. introduces herself hundreds of times during orientation week:

“My name is Junie B. Jones. The B stands for Beatrice. Except I don't like Beatrice. I just like B and that's all." (Junie B. Jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus, p. 1)

When she goes to her first college career fair:

"Yeah, only guess what? I never even heard of that dumb word careers before. And so I won't know what the heck we're talking about." (Junie B. Jones and her Big Fat Mouth, p. 2)

When she thinks people in class are gossiping about her:

“They whispered to each other for a real long time. Also, they kept looking at me. And they wouldn't even stop." (Junie B., First Grader Boss of Lunch, p. 66)

When someone asks her about the library:

“It's where the books are. And guess what? Books are my very favorite things in the whole world!" (Junie B. Jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus, p. 27)

When she doesn't know what she's eating at the caf:

“I peeked inside the bread. I stared and stared for a real long time. 'Cause I didn't actually recognize the meat, that's why. Finally, I ate it anyway. It was tasty...whatever it was." (Junie B., First Grader Boss of Lunch, p. 66)

When she gets bored during class:

“I drew a sausage patty on my arm. Only that wasn't even an assignment." (Junie B. Jones Loves Handsome Warren, p. 18)

When she considers dropping out:

“Maybe someday I will just be the Boss of Cookies instead!" (Junie B., First Grader Boss of Lunch, p. 76)

When her friends invite her to the lake for Labor Day:

“GOOD NEWS! I CAN COME TO THE LAKE WITH YOU, I BELIEVE!" (Junie B. Jones Smells Something Fishy, p. 17)

When her professor never enters grades on time:

“I rolled my eyes way up to the sky." (Junie B., First Grader Boss of Lunch, p. 38)

When her friends won't stop poking her on Facebook:

“Do not poke me one more time, and I mean it." (Junie B. Jones Smells Something Fishy, p. 7)

When she finds out she got a bad test grade:

“Then my eyes got a little bit wet. I wasn't crying, though." (Junie B. Jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus, p. 17)

When she isn't allowed to have a pet on campus but really wants one:


When she has to walk across campus in the dark:

“There's no such thing as monsters. There's no such thing as monsters." (Junie B. Jones Has a Monster Under Her Bed, p. 12)

When her boyfriend breaks her heart:

“I am a bachelorette. A bachelorette is when your boyfriend named Ricardo dumps you at recess. Only I wasn't actually expecting that terrible trouble." (Junie B. Jones Is (almost) a Flower Girl, p. 1)

When she paints her first canvas:

"And painting is the funnest thing I love!" (Junie B. Jones and her Big Fat Mouth, p. 61)

When her sorority takes stacked pictures:

“The biggie kids stand in the back. And the shortie kids stand in the front. I am a shortie kid. Only that is nothing to be ashamed of." (Junie B. Jones Has a Monster Under Her Bed, p. 7)

When she's had enough of the caf's food:

“Want to bake a lemon pie? A lemon pie would be fun, don't you think?" (Junie B. Jones Has a Monster Under Her Bed p. 34)

When she forgets about an exam:

“Speechless is when your mouth can't speech." (Junie B. Jones Loves Handsome Warren, p. 54)

When she finds out she has enough credits to graduate:

“A DIPLOMA! A DIPLOMA! I WILL LOVE A DIPLOMA!" (Junie B. Jones is a Graduation Girl p. 6)

When she gets home from college:

"IT'S ME! IT'S JUNIE B. JONES! I'M HOME FROM MY SCHOOL!" (Junie B. Jones and some Sneaky Peaky Spying p. 20)

Cover Image Credit: OrderOfBooks

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12 Ways To Save Money During The Summer When All You Want Is To Spend It

Saving is important year round, but it's most important in the summer


Over the summer, everyone normally has more free time than during the year, and that means more time to spend more money. Saving money over the summer is important, not only so you can be prepared to pay for things in the future, but also so you can enjoy your summer and no be stressed about how much money you've spent. Saving money is something that should happen year round, but it's especially important to do in the summer.

1. Create a budget

Starting the summer off on the right foot is super important to stay on track throughout the rest of the summer. A budget is something that you should have year round, but it's important to adjust it for your summer plans.

2. And stick to it

Not only do you have to make a budget, but you have to stick to it. If you don't follow your budget, you're wasting time and money, and it's hard to keep on top of finances.

3. Take advantage of student discounts

During the summer, college students find themselves with a lot more free time than in the school year. When you're planning what to do with your extra time, make sure to look if the place offers student discounts or not. Why pay full price when you don't have to?

4. Don't always go out to eat

College students tend to spend time with their friends going out for food or for drinks, and that adds up fast. If you have friends over to cook dinner, it can be healthier and cheaper to do.

5. Sublet

If you have an apartment you're not going to be staying in, or need to stay in Columbus, it's beneficial both ways to sublet. Neither way do you have to pay full price on an apartment, and any discount, no matter how small, saves you money

6. Take day trips

Obviously, no one wants to stay in one place the whole summer, but travel is super expensive. By going on day trips you get to see more of the state or city, but you don't have to pay for lodging overnight. It's a good way to get out without eating into your budget.

7. Walk around

Columbus has great parks and trails that not enough people think about using when they're planning what they want to do. If you walk around outside, you can spend as much time you want there and you don't have to pay anything.

8. Split costs with friend

Do both of you need a Hulu and a Netflix account? Why not share the costs and the passwords with each other, so that you both can save some extra cash in the future. This doesn't just have to be with streaming services, but it can apply to food and parking costs as well.

9. Don't impulsively buy big items

Maybe you've worked a ton recently to start saving for summer, or you have graduation money flowing in. You feel like it doesn't matter how much you spend, but it does. If you hold off on those purchases, and you save your money, you'll be in a better spot financially at the end of the summer.

10. Get a job

The obvious one. If you're doing an unpaid internship or your normal job isn't offering you many hours, then getting a second job where you can work to have a little more money can help you achieve your savings goal.

11. Don't be too hard on yourself

The hardest part of setting goals is when you don't achieve them. Even if you haven't saved exactly as much as you wanted, making even a small change can help your financial wellbeing and can be enough to make small changes in the future.

12. Don't force yourself to make big changes

Everyone's saving tips to Millennials are to stop getting coffee every single day from places like Starbucks. While cutting down on spending in these ways will greatly help you save money, it's not the only thing that will help. There's no reason to make yourself miserable in order to follow the rules of someone else for a small change financially.

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