For me, my planner pretty much holds my entire life schedule. With a full course load of 18 units and being in multiple clubs on my campus, I need to keep organized somehow or else I would drive myself crazy.

Buying a planner is the best way to keep me organized. I have a terrible memory, so writing down all the deadlines and meeting times in a planner reminds me of all the stuff that I need to do. For instance, I write out the assignments for each of my classes on each day. This way I know when my homework is due or when the next test is. Usually, for deadlines, I highlight the assignment or circle it; that way, when I open my planner, my eyes are automatically drawn to those assignments.

Other than keeping me organized with my school work, a planner has helped me remember events. For instance, in my sorority, we have different volunteer activities as well as events that we participate in on campus. There are so many different dates and times that we receive throughout the semester so my planner always comes in handy.

Even though a lot of people like to use their phone or laptop to remember things, I prefer a physical planner. You cannot always rely on technology because a laptop can crash or your phone could break. A planner can be carried around in your backpack without the need of an outlet or wifi. Planners are not that expensive either. I have bought most of my planners at Walmart for about $10 or less at times. There are large print planners or smaller ones for you to pick from. If you prefer fancier planners, those are available too in stores and online.

Quick Planner Tips:

  • How much space do I need? Planners come in a variety of styles and sizes so pick a planner based on what you will be using it for. For instance, If you have a lot of classes and need a lot of space to write down your assignments, I suggest a medium to large size planner. This will give you enough space to write down all the things you need instead of cramming the information in a small space. If you only intend on using the planner to write down the schedules for the clubs you are involved in on campus, then a smaller planner might be best.
  • Pick the right method for you. I like highlighting my deadlines, but others prefer using sticky notes or different colored pens. You just need to experiment and find the method that you prefer.
  • Always keep it with you. You never know when you will need to look up a deadline for a class or check to see if you are available on a certain day. Make sure to keep your planner by your side wherever you go. Even if you do not think you will need it, you most likely will need it the most on the day you forget it in your dorm.

Often times, we think we can remember everything that we have to do throughout the week, but in reality, we need an organized way to make sure we conquer all our life tasks. For me, a physical planner where I can write and erase in has helped me tremendously with making sure I know what assignments I need to do as well as when I have meetings or events that I need to attend. If you have never had a planner, I highly suggest that you purchase one for the upcoming year.