As the new semester comes to a roaring start, I always tell myself that I will be more productive and a better student. I plan out when I homework will get done when I will write my articles for Odyssey, I even plan out my time to do nothing and relax.

This semester is no different. I have everything planned down to the second. (My dream job actually includes planning TV news broadcast down to the second.) But every semester, no matter how much effort I put into planning out my days, something always seems to get off about them.

Maybe it is that unexpected phone call from my mother, for the second day in a row, that threw my time off. Maybe it's the fact that the stupid traffic light was out on my way to class. OR, maybe it's the fact that I've been distracted by a squirrel for five minutes while writing this article. Something just never works out about my life and how it is planned. (My mom would say that's because I get my planning gene from my father.)

School is super hard by itself (especially since I'm in Comm Law this semester with the professor who literally wrote the book on Comm Law), but, just like any other college kid, I have much more than just school on my plate. I do want a job after all this college stuff.

But this article is my vow to keep up planning my life and living my life accordingly. I know it is going to be hard. I know I'll complain about it to anyone who will listen. So keep checking back in over the semester to see how I do. We can try and keep our resolutions together. I promise I'll be writing a lot more about my life… Especially since I took on the role of Executive Producer of a news broadcast this semester. Just keep watching, I promise to make my rants entertaining.