New Semester Resolutions

New Semester Resolutions

A list of a few things that I hope to change or improve this upcoming semester.

With the new year and new semester starting, everyone has their resolutions that they hope to stick to. It can easy to say that we'll do these things, but a little harder when the time actually comes to commit to them.

1. Stop procrastinating

Or at least procrastinate a little less. Maybe then I will be a little more productive this semester.

2. New friendships

I made some amazing new friendships last semester and hope to keep meeting new people this semester too.

3. Work out more

I have been on a good routine working out at home and I always feel better after working out. But it gets tough when I get back to school, especially when the gym is on the opposite side of campus from my dorm.

4. Go to more basketball games

I went to a couple basketball games last semester, but I definitely want to keep going to more. I love our basketball team at Villanova and need to stop worrying about other things I need to do and just take a couple hours out of my day to go watch them play.

5. Stress less

I have always been the type of person to put a lot of pressure on myself. I still want to try my best in my classes and everything I do, but try not to worry as much about little things that probably won't have that much of an impact on my life in the long run.

6. Try new food places

I love going to new restaurants and trying new places to eat, but I feel like sometimes I get stuck on eating the same food because it is easy and I know that I'll like it. I want to branch out and try new things this semester.

7. Eat healthier

Going along with the food theme, I need to eat healthier while I'm at school. It's easy to just eat whatever when I don't love a lot of the food options at school, but I definitely want to be more conscious about what I eat.

8. Less phone

My phone is a huge distraction for me, like I'm sure it is for a lot of people. I want to spend less time on my phone this semester to get rid of distractions, and just to be more present.

9. Go to new places

I want to find more things to do around Villanova. Whether it's going into Philly more or finding other fun things going on near campus. I want to find some new things to do.

10. Stick to a study schedule

I want to be more strict with my schedule this semester so that I can be more productive. Even if I feel like I have a lot of free time, I still want to have a study schedule so that I can get work done.

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