What most thought would be an end to a short run, "Rick and Morty" is coming back my dudes!! From Rick's helpful life advice to the constant alcoholism depicted on the show, I have a feeling "Rick and Morty" is going to come back with a bang. And to help celebrate, here are a few gifs to remind you of some of the most memorable people and episodes of the past three seasons.

1. A life motto:


3.Tiny Rick

4.The perfect greeting:

5.Pickle Rick

6. The episode that started a revolution:

7. Your "can do" person: Meeseeks

8. One of Rick's many experiments:

9. Snuffles... or uh, Snowball.

10. Mr. Poopybutthole

Great guy.

11. And finally, a celebratory cheers for the new seasons!