Before my parents thought about having kids, they moved to Winter Haven, Florida. When they moved they made friendships that would last a lifetime, literally. They fell in love with the town they lived in and the people that they surrounded themselves with. When they found out that my mom was pregnant, they planned on staying there, where they were genuinely happy.

A couple of things fell apart a few months before I was born, and against what they actually wanted to do, they packed up and moved back to Walhalla, South Carolina after I was born.

I am now 19 years old and I have a 15-year-old little sister. My family has lived here for 19 years now, and here in South Carolina, we are surrounded by many friends and literally all of our family.

A few months ago, my parents decided to move back to Florida, where they are genuinely happy.

At first, I was excited for them, and I still am. But after a few months of time to really think about things, I am a little sad.

I know my parents will be happy there, and it will be good for us all when they make move. But I can not sit here and not think of everything we will be leaving behind here.

Leaving this town means leaving my grandparents, all of our friends, and the house that my dad built for us to grow up in.

I really am okay with them moving, because I know they will be happier. It just makes me sad to think about not coming here for holidays and not having my childhood friends so close by. Not coming home to this house scares me too. I do not like the idea of someone else living in the house that I grew up. I am sure I will come to terms with the idea though because it is obviously going to happen.

But they do say everything takes time, and I think that my parents have spent enough time here and that it is time for them to be happy.