To My Person in Heaven,

Did you know recently I have been having an identity crisis with the Catholic church? You see, in the Catholic Church they say in order to go to heaven you must confess your sins and do good deeds on Earth. You never went to confession and often said that a Church would burst into flames if you stepped inside. However, I know in my heart you went to heaven.

You've had me wondering for the past couple of days what heaven is like. I imagine it is amazing, with you and grandma probably going to the Heavenly Movie Theater catching films that won't be out for another century or so. I'm writing this letter however, so I can thank you for a couple of things you have already done for me so far while watching over from above.

Thank you for washing a sense of calm over me the night I found out about your passing. I was in the car hysterically crying when all of a sudden I felt okay for a couple of hours. I know you and God were watching over me at that time.

Thank you for reminding me daily of the memories you and I have been lucky enough to share. From the different movies we have gone to see in the past, to when grandma was still alive and I used to put on dance shows for you and her. Whenever I start feeling sad, I start to think of some of the happy memories you and I have had.

Thank you for giving me strength to help our family during this difficult time, even when I am hurting too. I always looked up to you as one of the strongest people in my life and I think you've shared a bit of that strength in the past few weeks. Through you and the Lord, I have been able to heal a little bit.

Thank you for the love I have gotten to know because of you, love I believe will transcend the boundary between heaven and Earth. Love that even though you have passed still feels me with hope and the feeling I am enough.

Even though you've got an eternity in heaven and I still have time left on Earth, I am beyond grateful to know I have someone above who is watching me over fiercely now alongside the Big Man Upstairs Himself.