If you're someone like me and love to scroll on Pinterest to search for fun new crafts, then you'll love this new craft-hobby-thing I found. I'll admit it looked annoying at first, but once I tried it I learned how much fun it was!

Paint with Diamonds, or Diamond Dotz is another brand, is a craft where you have itty bitty little gems that you stick to a sticky piece of fabric and form a picture with. Some are very very big, others are smaller or for a keychain.

The reason I love this new craft so much is that it's sort of mesmerizing to see how the little diamonds stick to the pad. There's something satisfying about the shimmering end result too.

I'm also a perfectionist and love being able to put things in their place. This is one of those crafts where everything lines up just right and creates a beautiful masterpiece that is super duper pretty.

This is a good gift for someone who loves crafts. Or if you're the crafty one and know someone who would like the end result, you could get it for you to make and give to them. I actually bought a Starry Night Van Gogh one for my mom that I made and gave her the finished product framed for Christmas.

Be careful with this though! If you have a cat or small children they may like to play with the "diamonds" and could swallow them. Or, you know, just scatter them everywhere and make a mess that you have to clean up. Then you pray to God that you have enough gems to finish with. I'm not bitter or anything.

I digress. If you feel that you're in need of a new hobby: this is what you need. Just go to your nearest craft store (or order a custom image online!), throw on some music, and get to work. Trust me. You won't regret it.