60 Thoughts I Had While Watching Bastille's 'Quarter Past Midnight'
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60 Thoughts I Had While Watching Bastille's 'Quarter Past Midnight'

13. So that's why Dan has been wearing caps so much lately!

60 Thoughts I Had While Watching Bastille's 'Quarter Past Midnight'

Bastille is my favorite band. I listen to them all the time, freak out over the insane covers they do, and obsess over how brilliant they are live. So, when a new song is announced, I turn into a crazy fangirl mess. When the band began to tease "Quarter Past Midnight," I literally began counting down the days until the song's May 9th, 2018 release. After listening to it, I was immediately obsessed! Two weeks later, the music video was finally released, and it was. . . unexpected.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVED it! It was brilliant, the use of color throughout the video was beautiful, and there was a lot of Dan Smith, which is always a great thing. But it did start off with a shock - literally only 20 seconds in! Overall, it was just total insanity, but it was amazing. So, without further ado. . .

Here are 60 thoughts I had while watching Bastille's video for "Quarter Past Midnight"

1. FINALLY! A new Bastille video! It feels like it's been forever!!

2. Okay, the karaoke-ish thing is giving off some serious "I Know You" vibes

3. Why does Dan Smith look so good in green? Why does he look so good in everything??

4. Are these people gonna be important to the story of the video?

5. Wait

6. No

7. NO.



10. I legit had to pause it. I can't believe what I just saw.

11. His hair is gone. He really just shaved off his hair.

12. RIP Dan's wonderful quiff. You will absolutely be missed.

13. Wait... so that's why he's been wearing caps so much lately!

14. They kept the haircut a secret!!

15. Alright. This is gonna take a while to get used to.

16. Aaaand play!

17. Okay, dancing buzzcut Dan is really adorably happy. This bit is super cute.

18. Why is that ice water a weird color?

19. He's bleeding! That's why!

20. Is it really a Bastille video if Dan doesn't get injured??

21. Why is he so smiley while lying on the ground?

22. Eh, who cares? It's super adorable.

23. I love that he keeps touching his head, like his hair is still there and he can run his fingers through it like he used to do all the time. Old habits die hard, I guess.

24. And now there's a cult?

25. Is it the same cult from the "Blame" video?!

26. Wait, no, it can't be. These cult people wear cloaks and have candles. The "Blame" cult looked like normal people and they had a bowl of water.

27. Run, Dan!

28. And now he's in the white-cloaked girl's spot?

29. Why does he keep waking up in random places??

30. Oh. This kinda reminds me of the Black Lodge in Twin Peaks.

31. That makes sense because Dan is obsessed with Twin Peaks. . .

32. Drag Queens?!

33. Lots of Drag Queens.

34. Like, just when I thought this video couldn't get any better, they brought in a ton of drag queens!

35. Dan looks pretty happy surrounded by drag queens. . .

36. Too bad they didn't have [Bastille synth player] Kyle be one of them! He would've loved that!

37. More adorable happy Dan dancing!

38. Okay, that bathroom looks disgusting!

39. And there's so much graffiti!

40. Why is there a random couple making out in the gross bathroom? There has to be a more sanitary place for them to go. . . .

41. Again, Dan just looks really happy around those drag queens! It's super adorable!

42. And now he's. . . on a bad date?

43. She looks really angry!

44. Oh god, this looks like it was filmed like ancient home videos.

45. It really reminds me of the creepy murder tapes from the movie Sinister.

46. I really hope nothing horrible happens!

47. Oh my god. This is so precious.

48. He looks so soft!

49. I can't handle this!

50. This is the happiest he's looked since the Reorchestrated Tour, and it's beautiful!

51. And then he just slams his face into the cake. What a dork.

52. I am seriously living for all the drag in this video though. It's amazing.

53. Oh my god, the moment he curled up in a little ball, my heart broke a bit. He looks so sad!

54. . . . Now he's in handcuffs on some sort of public transportation. With the couple from the bathroom.

55. But why is he in handcuffs? What did he do?!

56. Okay, can Dan paint a blue mask around his eyes every day?? Because EYES!!

57. Wait, so did he just wake up on this random couch?? Was it all just a dream?? But his hair is still gone. . . .

58. Okay, now I need the album. @bastilledan, make it happen soon!

59. But wait. . . is his hair gone for real?!

*checks Instagram*

[instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/BjIXEVcF90B/embed/captioned/?cr=1&v=8&wp=567&rd=muse.theodysseyonline.com#%7B%22ci%22%3A0%2C%22os%22%3A8838441.000000108%7D expand=1] 60. Yep. It's actually gone.

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