Brent Faiyaz And His Group Sonder Are Making Their Presence Greatly Known In The R&B World Today

Brent Faiyaz And His Group Sonder Are Making Their Presence Greatly Known In The R&B World Today

Why you should be on the lookout for their upcoming tour!

Who are this Brent Faiyaz and the group Sonder and why am I just now hearing about them, is what I have been asking myself lately. I must say that I have been playing their music on repeat for last past week. Oh, by the way, let’s speak about the group’s name Sonder first that was chosen. Sonder is the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own, is a definition that Mr. Faiyaz follows.

Can you say deep and it is this, that has kept my attention a very different group of artists with very different views which I love. But this Brent Faiyaz has, without doubt, caught my attention, so much talent. The singer on the track, “Crew”, by Goldlink has been on the move lately making music and spilling vibes.

The twenty-two-year-old Baltimore native has been letting his voice be heard since 2014. Influenced by 90’s R&B, Brent delivers a very soft serenading voice over a dope r&b sound of a beat with some deep lyrics. In a recent interview with Soulection, Brent tells of his favor for 90’s r&b music, and all I am saying is yes please bring this music and vibe back. I would also say that he does have a bit of a 90’s style and it is definitely in the music.

I mean the first song by the group that I heard was, “Feel” and it just pulled me in, hearing the emotion and vibe throughout the entirety of the song. The instruments and beat in, “Searching”, just pull you in from the very beginning making you wonder where this guy gets his inspiration from. And might I add who is on that guitar? Must I also add the song, “Running on E”, best breakup song for 2017 and 2018?

Brent also has two solo albums, “Sonder Son,” and “A.M. Paradox”, which has the songs, “Invite Me”, and “Nobody Knows”. After much research, I have found that Brent will be touring this year, which will be the Sonder Son tour, I believe that the shows will without a doubt be great. I feel that this group will be around for some time.

I think that their aura that they bring is very different from what is being seen in today’s artists. Having a different type of sound that no one has heard before is a great characteristic to have in today’s music industry.

I do believe that as a music lover myself I am always looking for a different type or genre of music and artists who bring out something different in their music.

I do believe that Brent and his group will be bringing us more of that different type of sound.

But for those of you who haven’t please go check these guys out, I am without a doubt giving my props to this talented group of young men and am pretty sure we will be seeing much more of them.

Cover Image Credit: YouTube

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We all have days where we feel like there's a dark, stormy cloud overhead.

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2. A Thousand Beginnings and Endings by Ellen Oh

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If You Haven't Already Watched 'Get Out' You'll Be Sinking In Your Seat At It's True Meaning

A satirical masterpiece of race in America given to us by Jordan Peele.

The movie, Get Out, is about a worst case scenario for an interracial couple. This film follows the life of young black photographer, Chris, who is in a relationship with a white woman, Rose. All is well until the soul-churning mentioning of the all so familiar cliché: meeting the parents.

Chris is hesitant at first asking if his girlfriend mentioned to them that he was black. In 2018, you would think most parents would be open to the idea of interracial relationships or have the ability to check their child’s social media site to see who they're dating.

Fast forward to the actual meeting of the parents and they are as cliché as they come. They are wealthy and tone deaf due to their traditional whiteness. The father is a neurosurgeon and the mother is a therapist that practices hypnosis.

They exchange awkward conversations of their fascination of black people/culture and if given the chance, they would have voted for Obama a third time. The movie creeps along when Chris is greeted by the two black employees at the house. They seem to be in a trance of some sort but the audience isn’t made aware of this until later.

One night, Chris is unable to sleep and proceeds to smoke a cigarette. He runs into Rose's mother who is downstairs sipping tea. She begins to counsel him about his life and his past. A series of events take place that I can’t address lest I spoil the movie. Let’s just say, I was “sunk” in my seat with suspense.

The movie concluded with an interesting twist and we watch Chris do what very few African American do in horror flicks…. Survive. (SPOILER). My initial reaction was satisfied to say the least although my peers within the black community would claim this to be a horror masterpiece.

Many pointed to the films racial undertones and horrific take on interracial relationships. Some even went as far as believing what they saw in the movie to be true and felt this as a common practice among white folks.

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! I don’t know about all that. Without giving away too much, I do believe white people have some creepy quirks and fetishes but the events that transpire in this film is bit of a stretch. My advice would be to watch and enjoy the movie.

If you try to find meaning out of a satirical form of entertainment by stretching your imagination to fit your agenda, then you probably are in the sunken place. Sorry, another spoiler.

Jordan Peele wrote the story "Get Out" as a satirical take on race in America. He addressed issues of wealthy liberals who view themselves as champions for civil rights.

The reaction from the film was mixed with some relating to the hardships of Chris and others claimed this as the best comedy in years. The message behind the film was simple: don’t get into an interracial relationship. Just kidding.

I am happy that Jordan Peele was celebrated for his film. He managed to spark controversy, make tons of money, and win an Academy Award. With so much success early on, I am curious to see if he can match the same success and continue to break new ground in the industry.

This gives hope for young African Americans like myself to pursue a career in the film industry. I can't wait to see films from the people he inspired and their chance to share fresh stories.

Cover Image Credit: YouTube

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