What Does The Alabama Abortion Bill Mean For Women?

The new Alabama "Abortion Bill" that was just signed into law this past Wednesday by Alabama governor, Kay Ivey, is the talk of not only American politics but the talk of human and civil rights everywhere across this nation. This bill was composed in order to restrict the procedure entitled 'abortion' to accompany extremely heavy restrictions that hinder a woman's right to choose, by right of Roe Vs. Wade. Obviously, this is seen as a very controversial taboo and heavily opinionated subject that mostly gets divided between political parties, but America must STOP the obsession with political party alignment and do what they believe is individually and morally right.

No matter what side of the subject that you stand on, I think we can all agree on one thing. Every human being that has an opinion on this, especially those of which have the actual power to reverse or enact laws or bills to make a change to this concept, should truly understand that there will always be two sides of every story. I think it is not only immature but childish that we treat people with different opinions in such a negative way. Although most of us who have an opinion on the touchy topic of abortion feel extremely passionate, we have to remember to be kind and be ready to listen. Everyone that has a serious thing to say about this, PLEASE listen to this. I beg of you.

Many of the mainstream media want you to believe that your side of the subject is the only truth of this narrative. Well, that is false. Both sides of this argument believe that what they see is the ultimate truth and that the other side of this fight is just NOT correct. What I truly urge you to do is to just respectively decline and understand that there always are two sides to the fight and two sides of the story. Please think about this, no matter what your stance on the subject is or what your political party affiliation may be.

I understand that to some people this subject really hits home and touches their heart so it may feel a bit more personal for them, but we really need to respect everyone's opinions and everyone ability to convey their first amendment rights. I definitely think everyone has a right to protest or state their opinion because that is our constitutional right, but just do all of this in kindness. I truly have to believe that everyone in this world is still good, or at least the majority of these people are. And if that is true, then if we ever want to get through to one another, we have to do so in kindness, acceptance, understanding, and empathy. Without these core emotions that we feel for our fellow humans around us, we cannot reach a decision for this controversial moral-political topic that has been in the hot seat for many many years.

With all of these new restrictive laws coming into play due to the composition of new heartbeat type bills, we have to try to support or protest these statements and modern-day thoughts. If we do not treat our fellow humans with respect and love, we don't deserve to actually get anything done. We need to act with love, not with hate; with patience and not with chaos.

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