Give yourself one point for everything you haven't done.

1. Ordered cheese fries at Eskimo Joe's.

2. Eaten fried chicken at Eischen's -- Oklahoma's oldest bar.

3. Attended Bedlam.

4. Attended the Oklahoma State Fair.

5. Attended the Tulsa State Fair.

6. Set foot on Oklahoma State University's campus.

7. Set foot on University of Oklahoma's campus.

8. Set foot on University of Tulsa's campus.

9. Seen Garth Brooks in person.

10. Seen a tornado.

11. Driven on Route 66.

12. Bought a soda pop at Pops.

13. Attended a Thunder game.

14. Ridden a ride at Frontier City.

15. Been to Bricktown.

16. Been to the OKC Zoo.

17. Put Head Country BBQ sauce on your food.

18. Been hunting.

19. Been fishing.

20. Floated the Illinois River.

21. Ordered a pizza at Sam & Ella's.

22. Been to the Marland Mansion.

23. Eaten at the Rusty Barrel.

24. Seen a scissortail flycatcher.

25. Seen a redbud tree.

26. Experienced all four seasons in one week.

27. Said "ope" when bumping into someone.

28. Referred to barbed wire as "bob wire."

29. Sang every word to the song, "Oklahoma."

30. Swam in Turner Falls.

31. Seen the Blue Whale of Catoosa.

32. Ordered a cherry limeade from Sonic.

33. Gone to a casino.

34. Seen a rodeo.

35. Ordered a hamburger at Meers.

36. Eaten calf fries a.k.a. Rocky Mountain oysters.

37. Attended Calf Fry.

38. Been to The Pioneer Woman Mercantile.

39. Met Ree Drummond.

40. Seen Rhema Lights.

41. Been to Big Splash or White Water Bay.

42. Seen the praying hands at Oral Robers University.

43. Been to the Will Rogers Birthplace Ranch or Memorial Museum.

44. Been to Woolaroc.

45. Walked under the "shark tunnel" at the Oklahoma Aquarium.

46. Been to the Science Museum Oklahoma.

47. Been to the National Weather Museum & Science Center.

48. Been to the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum.

49. Been to the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum.

50. Was proud to be an Oklahoman!