Dear Freshman Self:

Dear Freshman Self:

Before you know it, time is almost up, and you realize you'll never live this college lifestyle again.

Harlee Toothman

Dear freshman self:

You are scared out of your mind… campus seems so huge and your first college class in Dale Hall has the same amount of people in your graduating class. Freshman year will be challenging in ways that you could have never anticipated. Your life will improve, and then suddenly get worse, and the cycle will continue so many times that the experience will feel unbearable at points. But the pain endured will make the recovery even sweeter. Here are some lessons that you will learn along the way.

Don't feel bad about doing less:
Every semester, you'll be presented with new opportunities - options to say yes or no. Do more in the organizations you care about by joining fewer organizations. Take that leadership role, if you qualify. Engage yourself in what you believe really matters. Your time is valuable, don't waste it on things that don't help you grow.

Allow yourself to learn:
Here's what you don't know: one day you'll know this campus inside and out and it'll be more of a home than home ever was. You'll even love it so much that you insist on staying in Norman some summers during school breaks because you feel at ease here.

Love those around you:
Don't take for granted your freshman roommate and living in the residence hall. That girl will become one of your very best friends and biggest supporters. She'll introduce you to some of the OU wrestling team and they will become a HUGE part of your life. You'll even love your RA so much, you eventually become one.

Be willing to embrace change:
We may not like to cry, but we've done a lot of that. From boys, to family, to school, you've had every reason to break down. What I'm most proud of is how you pick yourself back up. No matter what there is always a goal in the back of your mind.

Soak in every moment:
If you're debating on going to the OU/Texas game. Go. Before you know it, time is almost up, and you realize you'll never live this college lifestyle again. Plus, you will have friends older than you that you need to make mems with before they leave you for the real world.

One day, freshman year will seem like a lifetime ago. When you walk across that stage and receive your diploma, you'll think back to your first day of school and how scared you were to begin your journey. I hope you can remember everything you went through to get to this point. I hope you know what you're in for, but I also hope you know how happy you will be that you decided to embark on this journey. You'll be changed, but you'll be a better person for it.

Lastly, believe in yourself. You will struggle, but you will also advance much further than you could ever imagine.

The Person you are today

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