Growing up you are told what is right and wrong. Normal and abnormal. True and false.

But no one mentions that you are unique. You are special. You are you.

There always seems to be people who fit in the "popular" groups. There always seems to be people who have certain clothes or hairstyles. There always seems to be people who are athletic. There always seems to be people who you wish to be. It can be easy to feel like you need to fit into these groups.

You do not need to think this way at all. We are all different. We were put into this world to be our individual selves. We should not be expected to change who we are. No matter what someone does to try and change you, we are all built differently. Personality is not bought, it is given to us when we arrive on this earth. Appearance can be bought, but our true appearance is special to who we are. Intelligence is a gift but can be worked for overtime. With all these things making us who we are, we should NEVER change that.

You, my friend, are perfect the way you are.

You are unique in your own way. You are funny. You are beautiful. You are handsome. You are loving. You are loyal. You are determined. You are smart. You are you. No matter how many qualities you think you may have, we all have different qualities.

Some good and some bad. But what remains the same is how different each of these qualities is.

If someone tells you to change who you are, you need to ignore them. Being self-aware of actions you could tweak in your life is different than someone trying to change who you are deep inside. If you know your worth, you do not need to compromise to make others happy. If you know what you want to do in your future career, no one should change your feelings on that. If you know who you want to marry, no one else should try to change that. Lastly, if you know what makes you happy, never let someone tell you different.

Why conform to what society wants to see you as?

If you want to be a cheerleader, be a cheerleader.

If you want to pursue your dreams in a specific career, do that.

If you want to take time to yourself, you are allowed.

If you want to buy a shirt that others do not approve of, buy it.

There is no one on this earth who can tell you who to be. We are all presented with certain qualities and personalities that structure who we are as a whole.

So be you. Do not be afraid to let the real you outshine everything. Do not let someone dim your light. Do not let the crowd of people overwhelm you. Be the one who stands out. Be the one who stands up for who they are. Be the one who never changes for society.

Be you.