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I Will Never Be Able To Thank My Best Friends Enough For Everything They Do

Seriously, the love I have for them is difficult to put into words.


Have you ever met someone and just knew they were going to be in your life forever? Do you know what it feels like to know you have friends that will be there for you always? I sure didn't, not until I met the people I now spend almost all of my time with.

I've struggled to make friends for most of my life. I either attract people that I build toxic friendships with or people who are looking to float in and shortly float out of my life. While I'm grateful for all of those people and their impacts on my life, I spent a lot of time feeling quite alone. I don't think I ever knew what real friendship was until I met them. I'm never going to be able to put into words how much I truly appreciate them, but I'm going to give it a try right here and now anyway.

Thank you for bringing me into your perfect friend group. I am so grateful you've made room in your hearts and plans for me. You've all made me feel accepted and wanted.

Thank you for asking me to live with you. I'm already counting down the days until we get to have our own little apartment.

Thank you for pushing me out of my comfort zone. I tend to stay in my shell and sometimes prefer it that way, but you've shown me the benefits of branching out, both socially and academically.

Thank you for getting up early to run with me every week. I'm proud of how far we've come and cannot believe we're about to attempt a 10K. I would never have taken control of my fitness without you.

Thank you for geeking out with me about literature stuff. I forgot how much more fun classes can be when friends are taking them too.

Thank you for teaching me how to have fun. Boy, was I boring and bored, for that matter, before I got to know you all. Enjoying myself is more of a priority now than it's ever been before, and life is so much sunnier for that.

Thank you for laughing with me and not at me. Our lives are so much more fun when we can joke around and laugh at ourselves. You all make me feel comfortable enough to know that you're teasing rather than trying to hurt me.

Thank you for the movie nights every week. Even if we are watching all seven "Harry Potter" movies like they are TV show episodes, I love getting to spend that time relaxing with you guys.

Thank you for listening to me complain, stress, and dramatize almost every day of the week. I'm sure you're as irritated as I imagine you would be, but it's so refreshing to be able to get all of that out of my system without being ridiculed.

Thank you for helping me work through my anxiety and being open about your personal struggles. Life is a whole lot easier now that I don't feel so alone in my problems. I love not having to hide what's bugging me.

Thank you for making time for me every single day. You have no idea just how much I treasure every single second we spend together.

Most importantly, thank you for being my friends absolutely unconditionally. College is hard, but it's a lot harder without amazing friends right by your side. I don't know how I handled life without you before, but I'm thrilled that I never have to figure out how to again. I love you, my beautiful sunflowers.

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To My Best Friend Who Taught Me What True Friendship Is, I Can't Thank You Enough

"To the person who will love you endlessly, love her with kindness and understanding."

Dear Best Friend,

You have been a part of my life for quite some time now. You have seen my good, bad, and ugly sides and have stuck by my side through it all. I don't know if I could ever find the words to truly thank you for everything your friendship has given me, but I am definitely going to try.

Our lives have taken some twist and turn these past few years, but we have stayed strong through it all.

Thank you for judging me just the right amount.

Throughout our friendship, I have made some very questionable decisions. A lot of people would say "thanks for never judging me," but I feel like everyone needs a best friend who's going to tell them how it is, to tell them when they are about to make a bad decision or how to avoid something worse from happening. You have always told me how it is (even when I don't always want to hear it), but I know that I can come to you whenever I need someone to set me straight.

You're always down to do nothing with me.

I think that you are the one person that I can call up to hang out and do absolutely nothing with and have a good time. From the nights sitting in and playing card games to ordering Chinese food and watching an entire Netflix series while I dance around with the cat: I know that we could do anything, and nothing together and it would be fun.

But also, you're always down to get lit with me.

I swear one day we will be two old moms at a bar drinking vodka crans and laughing about the stupid shit our husbands and children do. You're always down to go out and have a good time. Even if everyone else we're with is miserable, we find a way to laugh at ourselves.

You are one of the few constant things in my life.

I've lost a lot of friends in my life, but you have stayed by my side through everything. I can't remember the last time we actually fought about anything, but even when we do we can't stay mad at each other for more than a day. I know we will be in each other's lives until we literally keel over.

I want you yo know that you're the strongest person I know.

You've dealt with things that not many people go through ever in their life. You have always been so mature, and you handle everything with grace. You inspire me every day with your goals and successes and I am so proud of you and all of your accomplishments.

Above all else, you deserve the world.

It's so easy to get caught up in your own mind and think that you deserve the things that happen to you, but please know that the only thing you deserve is happiness. Please settle for nothing short of that. It may take a bit to find your happiness, but I will be there every step of the way. You're a remarkable human being, and I want nothing but the best for you.

To the person who will hold your heart someday, please do not break it. To the person who may wrong you, you will regret it forever. To the person who will love you endlessly, love her with kindness and understanding.

You, my best friend, future bridesmaid, godmother of my children, the person to bail me out of jail, the one who lets me cry on their couch for twelve hours,

I love you.

I will cherish our friendship forever. Thank you for being you.

Love always,

Your best friend.

Cover Image Credit: Adriana Ranieri

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Sandra Bullock Is More Than Just The Lady From Bird Box

How dare you call her just the lady...?


Sandra Bullock is the lead actress of the new Netflix movie Bird Box. This movie has received so many good reviews. Also, there has been memes on social media about the movie. It's become very popular, so even people who haven't seen the movie know about the movie. For example, a meme would say:


However, there was this one disrespectful tweet.

This generation does not know who Sandra Bullock is. This is wrong because Sandra Bullock amazing. People watched Bird Box and discovered who Sandra Bullock was. I watched Bird Box because of Sandra Bullock. She is the reason why I had a great childhood. Let's not forget about all the movies that made her famous. There's many: A Time to Kill, Hope Floats, Practical Magic, Miss Congeniality, Two Weeks Notice, Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous, The Proposal (one of my favorite movies), The Blind Side, The Heat, Gravity, and Ocean's 8.

All these movies are the best of the best and this generation needs to watch these movies to realize that Sandra Bullock isn't just the lady from Bird Box. She is an extraordinary actress and human being, and her greatness should be recognized. Period.

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