Netflix: The Lifesaver
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Student Life

Netflix: The Lifesaver

Why Netflix is seriously the end-all be-all for everything.

Netflix: The Lifesaver A lot of people may think that Netlfix is just a regular streaming website with some good shows right? WRONG! Netflix is seriously the lifesaver to end all boredom. From not having anything to do, to trying to catch up on a series, Netflix is seriously a lifesaver for all, and below are all the reasons why.

1. Boredom = New Series

I'm sure everyone has that moment when you are either doing ,homework, or supposed to be important. This is where Netflix comes into play. I believe there is a time when you do need a "Netflix Break," and by break I mean take about two hours to start a new series. As a graduate student now, I am a firm believer in Netflix applying to all aspects of life. Just because you are studying in your masters program, does not mean that you are free from Netflix "study breaks." Once again, studying is definitely worth it, but starting House of Cards is even more worth it.

2. There's always something to watch

When you seriously think you have seen everything that you possibly think of, Netflix comes up with something great. For me, they blessed me with The 100 and also House of Cards. I get one season that embodies Action and Adventure, and the other a season of political drama. Netflix will provide you with the tools you need to discover seasons of shows that you may not know about, but definitely need to know.

3. Netflix never lets you down

Whenever you have a bad breakup, a bad day, or even just a cancelled class Netflix never lets you down. I feel as though I could have the worst possible day, and Netlfix will come to the rescue. When days are rainy, or maybe you can not think of anything to do, Netlflix comes to the rescue. Also, when you feel as though you cannot push on with life, you can watch Netflix. (a.k.a. after a long day of school.)

4. Perfect for a College Budget

Most the time, you only pay about $7.99 a month for Netflix. If you're REALLY good, you go by the popular saying: "No one really ever owns their own Netflix account." I remember in my undergrad., I would ask people who's Netflix account they had, and they could NOT even tell you who's it is. I currently am using my eight Bucks a month, and it is definitely manageable for the typical college student.

5. Netflix will last forever

With its' great customer relations, and also attention their needs, Netflix will always continue to be successful. They definitely understand that the customers are first, and also that their needs are the most important for a successful company. It's definitely a phenomenal company, and will definitely always be great. All hail Netflix!

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