The Netflix Originals You Should Check Out
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The Netflix Originals You Should Check Out

Because, it's never too early in the semester to start binge-watching Netflix

The Netflix Originals You Should Check Out

It's a new semester, but it doesn't mean that habits have to change. First week of classes already has you wanting to crawl under a blanket and just watch anything? Here are the Netflix Originals that you should check out!

1. Voltron: Legendary Defender

Looking to close the void that the end of Avatar: The Last Airbender and its sequel The Legend of Korra left you in? Don't look any further! Several parts of the team that you brought you Aang and Korra have come back with Voltron! It has the same comedy, story depth, and lovable characters that made you fall in love with the Nickelodeon original cartoons. Extra plus: the ever enjoyable Steve Yeun, of The Walking Dead fame, is voicing one of the main characters, Keith. (Also, if you wait long enough, Season 2 will come by in late 2016)

2. John Mulaney: The Comeback Kid

The best part of John Mulaney is the fact that it feels like you know him, that you've definitely met him before. The comedy is like having a conversation with your friends. He's relatable and funny because his stories are seemingly commonplace, but with a twist that keeps you snickering throughout the whole show.

(He asks the question about Back to the Future that none of us ever thought of asking)

**BTW, if you love this, check out John Mulaney: New In Town!

3. Ali Wong: Baby Cobra

She's raunchy and dirty and . . . pregnant? Get to know more about this comedy legend and her crazy adventures with homeless people confused as hipsters and the dolphin bodies of Asian men. Best part about her, she's an empowered Asian female! Everything she says just hardcore speaks to me. To be honest, she actually just speaks to all women!

("I JUST WANNA LIE DOWN and eat snacks and watch Ellen all day" - actual words of the wisest of us all, aka Ali Wong)

4. Master of None

Master of None is a mix of sarcastic comedy and actual sincerity. Follow main character, Dev, and his crazy adventures as a 30-year old actual American (not a Hollywood version of American, but like a legit regular dude) with love and his friends. The show touches a soft spot for me, since it's probably the few times in Hollywood media that gives an honest representation of the life and thoughts of an Asian American, without making us all seem like immigrants that don't belong in Western society.

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