My top ten Netflix shows and movies to bing this summer. Even when I've already watched them... all.

1. Riverdale

While struggling with a peer's tragic death, the man characters overcome and struggle with clashing desires.

2. Weeds

A suburban mom overcoming her husband's death gets into a business that her friends and neighbors would never suspect... or would they?

3. How to lose a guy in 10 Days

Who will win? Lose a guy or keep the girl... let the games begin.

4. Dope

The people behind the drug epidemic of the US. Will you hate them? Or be fascinated by them?

5. Scandal

Olivia Pope, you have got a crazy life; between the politics, murders, and relationship drama, how do you do it?

6. New Girl

A quirky, young teacher with three roommates that are male, bring out the craziness in each other with this humorous sitcom.

7. The Tourist

Being a tourist is interesting itself, but add some mystery in and you will be roped in for the whole time.

8. Fuller House

We all watched "Full House" as kids, why would you not what to see what happened to them when they grew up like us?

9. 13 Reasons Why

Finding a mysterious box on your porch with the tapings of a late class mate sparks some intense investigation.

10. The Duff

We all think we are the dumb, ugly, or fat friend... so lets watch one of our owns story!