Cable News Anchor Tells Northeast Audience To 'Netflix and Chill'

Cable News Anchor Tells Northeast Audience To 'Netflix and Chill'

This is what happens when Gen-X tries to speak the language of Gen-Y


Don't you hate it when your dorky dad tries to make jokes in front of your friends and totally screws it up? Well, this MSNBC anchor just made a similar faux pas in front of millions of Americans.

During a transition into a weather segment, MSNBC's Thomas Roberts told the people of the Northeast to be wary of Tropical Storm Joaquin and the inclement weather it's about dump all over the Northeast. His advice? "Get ready to Netflix and chill."

It's hard to know if Roberts just had a misguided stroke of comedic genius, or if this was actually a part of the broadcast script. Whoever is behind it might need to take a trip to Urban Dictionary and look up the unofficial (but actually, totally official) definition of what it means to "Netflix and chill."

For any generational Gen-Y comrades of Roberts that might be reading this, to "Netflix and chill" means to invite a special someone over for a relaxing night in with everyone's favorite television streaming service to provide the evening's entertainment. Sounds innocent, right? What some of you may not know is that Netflix is really just a source of background noise to muffle the raucous love-making that is bound to occur.

So, if the people of the Northeast are going to take Roberts' advice seriously, remember to practice your Netflixing and chilling safely and use protection.

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