Here is a list of generalized negative aspects of New York (I am talking about the city, not the state).

1. Tolls

There are tolls literally everywhere that is if you want to get into Staten Island, the Bronx, Queens, or Manhattan. You better have a lot of change on you.

2. Streets and Highways

The streets and sidewalks are cracked and out of date. I highly recommend not driving or you could risk breaking an axle or getting a flat tire; it is just more money that will be coming out of your wallet.

3. The Smell/Filth

Throughout the city, especially in Manhattan, there is a lingering smell that is absolutely intense; it is a combination of sewer, garbage, and urine.

4. Subway Transit

The underground subway transit system was constructed in the late 1800s and opened in the early 1900s. It is completely outdated and extremely dirty, filled with rats, cockroaches, and more trash.

5. Cost

The cost for food, drinks, commercial products, etc.; basically everything is way overpriced. Living in NYC is nearly impossible as a middle class citizen because of the high taxes. You might have to commute 40 minutes to an hour away, which involves a lot of time spent driving.

6. Taxi Cab Drivers

A majority of the taxi cab drivers navigate the streets like maniacs.

7. Traffic

There are so many cars, buses, and bikes, it is insane. During rush hour, you may as well wait for it to pass.

8. Rude people

A majority of people living in New York are rude and self-centered. No one cares about you or anything really. They are complete workaholics with horrible attitudes. Yelling seems to be the social norm...