#MyVoteWillCount: YelloPain
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#MyVoteWillCount: YelloPain

A new rap star is emerging, and if you like the works of Hamilton but with a similar Kevin Gates sound then this artist will be the one for you.

#MyVoteWillCount: YelloPain

His name is YelloPain, and he is an informative 24-year-old, Ohio raised, and soon to be star. YelloPain began rapping at the early age of 7 in Dayton Ohio, where he was not taken seriously. It wasn't until he started rapping in the church that he was able to gain respect from those around him and really showcase his talent. After growing out of playing churches, he went on to partake in rap battles, perform at nightclubs and venues around his hometown.

With his career beginning to take off in 2019 and 2020, Yellopain has used this opportunity to educate the younger generations. This rapper is wise beyond his years and has a way of informing the youth about the political systems and the oppression that our country has placed on African Americans.

YelloPain has been an outspoken advocate of the BLM movement and in his video release of "The Impossible Game", he puts several things into perspective that will 100% give you the chills. By standing up for what he believes in, YelloPain is going to make history and be a strong leader for generations to come.

Aside from speaking out about oppression and systematic racism, YelloPain has taken a different approach to informing those about our voting system. This election is one of the most influential that we may see in our lifetimes. However, in YelloPain's newest song "My Vote Don't Count", he takes the leadership role in explaining the other branches of government. He really is able to explain that our voices need to be heard more than just every four years and the only way to really influence change is by being an active voter at local, state, and national events. Out of everything that YelloPain has released, this song is my personal favorite and deserves a high-ranking spot on the charts.

My Vote Will Count

Go to My Vote Will Count - YelloPain ft. Sevyn Streeter.

My Vote Will Count - YelloPain ft. Sevyn Streeter http://campus.lnk.to/MyVoteWillCount

I hope that you take the time to watch this video and share it with those who need to hear it. Our generation is the next set of leaders and it's time to use our voices to the utmost potential.

Below is a link to voter registration deadlines. Get involved. #MyVoteWillCount .


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