Coming home from even a few months away at school and suddenly the little dude isn't so little.

You Look Over and Think...He Looks Like A Man

Even with a purse, you know Joey is a MAN. Your brother is the same way.

He and His Girlfriend are Definitely Endgame

You have to hold back from calling her your sis-in-law sometimes

He's Willing To Spend Actual Quality Time With You

You don't have to remind him of the fun you're about to have because he's reminding you!

But He Still Makes Fun Of You Non-Stop

"HAHAHHA YOU STUPIDDDD" - a real quote from my 16 year old monster.

He Says Grown-up Things Like "What Should I Do With The Rest of My Life?"

You and your baby bro used to just talk about who's turn it was to do the dishes. Now it's "Sis can you help me pick a college? Sis what is a FAFSA? Sis how do I get into a Frat? Sis this sis that." I'm basically training to be an academic adviser with this one.

His Can Eat Two Whole Pizzas

Suddenly the boy eats like a gavone.

You Find Out He Has A Forest Under His Armpits


He Asks You About College...Specifically About Alcohol

Little does he know ^^ is your entire alcohol experience.