Just a few weeks ago I was talking with a friend, and she said something that struck me as crazy. She said she only talks to her mom, who lives three hours away, on the phone about once a month. I know when she said this my jaw probably hit the floor because I don't know about you, but I call and/or text my mom probably 10 times a day every day. She is the reason I am writing this article and pursuing my dreams by writing for Odyssey. She is the reason I have a great love for '80s music, classic movies and all things chocolate. I realized I never could survive without her, so mom, here is a thank you note for all that you do!

1. Thank you for always putting us first before everything and everyone else.

When times got tough, you made sure we were always provided for. We may not have had the most expensive things, but we always had what we needed. You made sure we went to good schools and went to church, even when we didn't want to go. You also taught me the great lesson of how to always put others before yourself no matter how stressed, tired, or busy you are. No matter what time of day it was or if it was right after a long day of teaching school, you made time for anything we needed. I know now, since I have a job and go to school, that after coming home from a long day at work you probably did not want to deal with everything thrown at you. You probably could have cared less about who said what at school or who got in trouble that day. But, I never remember a time when you were not genuinely interested in everything we had to say or what we were feeling at that time. You always made us feel like we were the most important people in the room.

2. Thank you for helping me get through Freshman year of college.

Last year, by far, was the hardest year of my life. With the start of college came a lot of changes. Starting a new school, rushing and joining a sorority, and moving out of the house all happened in the span of one week. I know I probably wouldn't have made it through if I didn't have you to call every hour asking you questions, venting about my problems or worries, or just letting me ramble for hours on end because I missed hearing your voice. Freshman year, especially first semester, made me realize I much I needed you. I realized that counting down the days until I moved out for college was crazy because everything I needed and loved most was right there to begin with.

3. Thank you for sharing your unique taste in movies, music, and food with me.

Whether it's watching '80s movies and eating pizza or jamming to the Rolling Stones while in the car, these shared experiences have created many memories and fun times that I will never forget. These times that I remember growing up were my favorite even though they didn't include expensive vacations or long car rides. The shared time spent together was the best part about it.

4. Thank you for always having an encouraging word and a hug.

To me, the hugs are my favorite. There is nothing I crave more after a long day at work or school then a hug from you. Yes, I know I am in college, but I think it is safe to say that no matter how old I am I will always crave that hug to make the day better. No matter what is going on around me, I know I can come to you for comfort and advice. When I have been conflicted over things, you have talked on the phone with me for hours trying to help me, and when I have been at my lowest, you were always there right behind me pushing me to keep going. From being my biggest fan to my number one cheerleader, you were always there supporting me all the way through.