My Top 20 Films of 2016 Part 1

My Top 20 Films of 2016 Part 1

My favorite films of this year. This will be part one of two.

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2016 has come and gone. There have been so many films that have been released, most of them comic book movies (and no I am not hating on DC with this list). So, without further ado, here are my favorite films of 2016 Part 1. This will consist of 11-20. Before we start, Honorable Mentions include: "The Jungle Book (2016)", "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice", "Moana", "Finding Dory", "Zootopia", and "Before The Flood".

11. "Doctor Strange": Out of the movies in the MCU that were released this year, this is by far the best. This is what I wanted "Civil War" to be, with the conflict between Doctor Strange and Baron Mordo being the highlight of the movie. Not only visually pleasing, but "Doctor Strange" was well writen, well acted, and well directed of the MCU movies this year.

12. "Green Room": This is a definition of intese action thriller. Patrick Stewart is phenominal as the villainous Darcy. Stewart transforms into a calm collective Neo-Nazi. The other actors and actresses are at there best in this film and by far some of the best action this year.

13. "Sausage Party": Talk about the one of the two suprises from Seth Rogan. Rogan made an adult animated movie that was not only funny, but also thought provoking on it's topic of religion. It has probably one of the most out their endings that was hillarious and uncomfortable. If you love Seth Rogan fillms, you will love this movie. If you don't and like movies like "Life of Brian", give it a watch.

14. "Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising": The second movie Seth Rogan had the lead role in this year. The sequel to the 2014 comedy staring Rogan and Zach Effron, was actually a good sequel to a a comedy. While not as good the first movie, "Neighbors 2" shines in it's themes of feminism and growing up. It is also pretty dang funny.

15. "Kung Fu Panda 3": Talk about a movie that is not as apprecitated much this year. This is a well made conclution to the "Kung Fu Panda" franchise that tugged at many heartstrings. It's not higher, because I feel there are other films that are better. But this is by far the most heartbreaking of the franchise.

16. "Star Trek Beyond": This is a summer film nobody saw. This has great action, great comedy, and a heartfelt tribute to the late Leonard Nemoy and Anton Yelchin, who was taken too soon from this earth. If you love the new "Star Trek" movies, you will love this.

17. "Bad Moms": Suprisingly funny and heartfelt. Mila Kunis is given a really great movie to lead in an R-Rated comedy, the best female led comedy since "Bridesmaids".

18. "The BFG (2016)": Visually pleaseing, great acting, and just an alround fun film. This latest film by Steven Speilberg is a movie that the whole family can watch. It's lower on the list, because I didn't see it in theatres and it makes the home movie experence lacking the wonder that the movie intened to have.

19. "Sully": Clint Eastwood does it again with the true story of Captain Sullenberger and him landing a plane on the Hudson River with no causualities. It's a well made movie and hopefully Tom Hanks gets reconzined by the oscars for Best Actor.

20. "Captain America: Civil War": While I had issues with the movie like the lack of focus on Captain American and Iron Man's releationship in the MCU, the villain being pointless and scenes being really reptative, and not enough focus on the other events in the MCU other than "Avengers 1 &2" and "Winter Solider". But other than that, Robert Downey JR's Tony Stark is at it's best, the action is incredible, Black Panther being the best new character introduced, and the chemistry between the cast, this a good entry to the MCU and not as great as "Winter Solider".

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