My Top 11 Ed Sheeran Songs Of All Time

So since I love Ed Sheeran, I couldn't pick only ten of his beautiful songs, so I picked eleven of my favorites! Some of these songs hold personal meanings to me, while others I just really love the sound and lyrics.

1. Galway Girl (÷)

2. Castle on the Hill (÷)

3. Little Bird (+)

4. Tenerife Sea (X)

5. Bloodstream (X)

6. Afire Love (X)

This song reminds of my grandfather, so I hold this song dear.

7. Give Me Love (+)

The first time I saw Ed was magical. Listening to him perform this live was one of my favorite moments. I picked the Live Room version because it is what sounds closest to him performing this song at Gillette Stadium.

8. Photograph (X)

The part where he sings about the locket is my favorite.

9. Nancy Mulligan (÷)

I love that this song is based on his grandparents. Really warms my heart.

10. Everything You Are (Don't EP)

11. Friends (Don't EP)

How can you not love the guy?

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