Now that this circus of a election is over from all the political ads to countless debates to all the rallies that the candidates have went to it is finally over. So here are my thoughts about this election. ( My political views might not match yours so I thought that I would let you know) All I have to say is wow just wow I can't believe that America can be so stupid and elect a president that has no experience ever. I am appalled by the American s who voted for the inexperienced candidate against the former Secretary of State.

Do I think that we are all in doom with the new President elect... we will have to wait and see. I like to give people a chance in new power. I just hope that we are not all in doom with this new shift of power with everything going on. I am just happy with hoping that America will be okay in the long run. I just hope Trump makes America great again that is all I am saying. Politics aren't really my thing with discussion because it makes me really angry that people are so opinionated with everything that has been going on.

I hope Trump does a good job or it will be a long four year term. If not then we are all in doom and negative things will occur.