My Social Experiment

I expected this whole week to turn out differently than what it had. I expected comments ranging from "Are you sick?" to "You look great today." In reality I got a total of two compliments and equivalent to radio silence the whole week. This was my social experiment.

Day One: I dress like I normally do, only I pull my hair back to make sure that people can see my face. I go to class just the same and really do not receive any sort of questioning until I start to walk back to my dorm after class. One of the girls in my major that I have in some of my classes comes up to me and said close to this: "Hey Zoe, I just wanted to say I thought you really looked nice today. And I really like the whole no make up thing." In my response I just say that I'm sick and not feeling well enough to really do anything with my face, which was partially true.

Day Two: Radio Silence

Day Three: Radio Silence

Day Four: I go to work with the school that I help tutor students for in the after school program. One of my favorite students sits down beside me as usual and asks if I am feeling well. She asks why I don't have my face on. I just really had to laugh at that because she was so serious with her question. I just told her that I didn't really feel like wearing make-up today and I was doing a test to see how people would react. She just goes, "Oh. Well I think you look really pretty anyway with or without make up," and proceeded to give me a hug. After her, all of the other students at my table chimed in with what they thought and continued on with the program.

Day Five: Radio Silence

Day Six: Radio Silence

Day Seven: Radio Silence

Day Eight: You guessed it, radio silence

I really want to say that this week was a failure. But I think that it taught me two lessons. First, that children are the most honest and kind people you are ever going to meet. They truly do love with their whole heart and have unconditional love. Second, even someone who you know just as an acquaintance and not know on a really personal level like your friends, roommates, or even family will take the time to run up to you after a class and give you a compliment.

To others people may think that this experiment failed. To me I think that it was a success. I learned that there is still good in the world. I was taught that beauty is not defined by make-up. Natural beauty can be noticed by anyone and that is important. In a world full of plastic-surgery, caked on faces with make up, and botox shots the true beauty is seen in what you see in yourself and what others perceive of you. BeYOUtiful.

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