23 Reactions To The 2017 Tony Awards As Told By Anna Kendrick
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23 Reactions To The 2017 Tony Awards As Told By Anna Kendrick

One magical night where thespians can thrive as told by one of my celebrity role models

23 Reactions To The 2017 Tony Awards As Told By Anna Kendrick
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Places please from the top of the show!

Alright, let's take this from the top in 5..6.. 5, 6,7, 8!

Everybody sing "a" as I go up the scale ready?

After you enter from stage right you walk towards center stage and recite your monologue, then when you are done you exit stage left.

Like me, every hardcore thespian's dream is to have that single spotlight shining down on them as they accept an honorable Tony award. On a magical and unforgettable night of acting, singing, dancing, hosting, laughing, crying, hugging, announcing awards, and sitting on the edge of our seats until the very last possible minute.

One night filled with endless emotions and unlimited texts to my fellow hardcore thespians as we fangirl/fanboy our immediate thoughts, reactions, predictions, and dreams. All of this madness is occurring in one night as I try to "keep my cool" so that my parents or my dogs won't think that I am being murdered because of how loud I was screaming (internally).

Now instead of me typing every single detail of my feelings out and boring all of you non-hardcore thespians who are reading this article to death, I am going to have the just as emotional and #relateable Anna Kendrick do all of the talking. Her hilarious tweets and her cool yet outgoing personality relates to how emotional I was during this annual Thespian die hard night. Anna did make a cameo in this year's Tony awards too as she announced a performance by the cast of the show that took home 6 Tony Awards (including Best Musical): Dear Evan Hansen.

A very well deserved win in my opinion because of how well the show resonates with the entire audience let's get to the hardcore fangirling:

1. When Kevin Spacey performed an amazing and hilarious opening number:

2. The bone-chilling performance from Come From Away which literally gave me the goosebumps:

3. When a sports guy was introducing the performance of Come From Away (sports at the Tony's? ARE YOU KIDDING ME???):

4. When Nathan Lane didn't win for Feautured Actor in a Play (he has won multiple Tony's but still... I LOVE HIM!!!):

5. When Sutton Foster came onstage looking beautiful as always:

6. When Lea Salonga came onstage in a sparkling pantsuit:

7. When Miss Saigon's performance shook me all night long:

8. When Christian Borle was singing and wearing short shorts:

9. When James Earl Jones won the Lifetime Achievement Award:

10. When Ben Platt literally made my heart beat a billion times faster as he sang "Waving Through A Window" from Dear Evan Hansen:

11. When me and my thespian friends (Alexa Vuillemot and Analisa Caso) realized how much Andy Karl from Groundhog Day looks like Drew Gehling from Waitress:

12. When Jen Colella from Come From Away didn't win for Feautured Actress in a Musical:

13. But Rachel Bay Jones from Dear Evan Hansen did instead:

14. When Leslie Odom Jr. sang with the Rockettes:

15. When Patti Lupone sang her first note in the War Paint performance:

16. When Josh Groban literally made my heart sink to my stomach in the Great Comet performance:

17. When Sara Barielles was handing out free pies to the audience:


19. When they were honoring dead Tony winners like Debbie Reynolds, Carrie Fisher, Gene Wilder, and Mary Tyler Moore:

20. BEN PLATT AND HIS ACCEPTANCE SPEECH FOR LEADING ACTOR IN A MUSICAL: "The things that make you strange are the things that make you powerful."



23. When Kevin Spacey and Patti Lupone ended this magical and unforgettable night:

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