To My Amazing Odyssey Team,

I wanted to take this time to thank you for all of the hard work each of you has put in to be a member of my team.

Thank you for the little things: showing up to meetings, contributing ideas in our group chat, getting your articles in on time, and sharing them on every platform you know.

Thank you for the big things: helping with recruitment, picking up an extra article when someone else couldn't write, and for not backing out the first time you hit writer's block.

Thank you for introducing me to new ideas on topics you hold close to your heart. Thank you for submitting personal content that tugged on my heart strings, and even made me cry sometimes. Thank you for being supportive of one another. Thank you for welcoming each new member with open arms and showing them the ropes when they were confused. Thank you for sticking by the team when times got a little tough.

Whether you stayed on the team from the very beginning, joined very recently, or are even no longer a team member, know that I am forever grateful for everything you contributed to the Odyssey team. I am thankful to have spent time getting to know you through your content and watching all of you grow as writers. I hope none of you ever stop writing.

Most of all, thank you for making me the Editor In Chief I am today. When I took on this position, I wasn't sure if it was something I was totally ready for, as it was something I had never done. But because I had an awesome team behind me, being your EIC became easier and easier, and a job I would do all over again.

Thank you for everything. No matter what, we will always be a team.

I love you all,

Your Very Proud Odyssey Cazenovia EIC