My Odyssey Experience
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My Odyssey Experience

I Wouldn't Trade Writing For Odyssey For The World.

My Odyssey Experience
The Odyssey Online

At the end of my fall semester sophomore year I was looking for something more to join. At the time I was involved in my sorority on campus and a club that I was able to put down on paper but had only been to one meeting. I am a pretty avid Facebook user so I came across articles from Odyssey all the time and I decided why not apply to write for them as well. I have always loved writing and am pursuing a career in the journalism field so this was the perfect step for me to get my foot in the door.

I put in my application and I didn't expect much but I waited. Within a few days I received an email saying they would like a sample article and I have to say I was nervous. Honestly, I hadn't written for fun in a while because being in college almost everything I wrote was an essay for class. I tried my best and even though I wasn't completely satisfied with what I had turned in I prayed for the best.

I waited once again and this time I received an email saying they wanted to conduct a phone interview. One phone call later and I was texting my mom and friends to let them know I had gotten the job as a writer for Odyssey.

At first I didn't know what to expect at all. I was told the ODU branch was rebuilding itself up and looking for Content Creators and that there was a new Editor in Chief. I wrote my first article about my best friend and as I watched the number of shares rise I felt more and more proud of myself.

I was able to see that what I wrote others were able to also relate to. I was creating content that others enjoyed and wanted to publish on their page as well. I was receiving comments from people I hadn't talked to in a while telling me I was a great writer.

I continued to publish articles each week and it has become part of my schedule. I know that I have a topic due by 12pm on Wednesday and articles are due 5pm on Friday. I laugh and talk to the other writers for the ODU branch in our GroupMe. I have gotten my friends to apply and random strangers to apply.

Writing for Odyssey has given me a sense of self respect. When I see an article do really well with shares I am proud of myself and I know that I need to continue writing things of the same manner. I also know that when an article doesn't do so well what I need to do to change that for the future.

I have written more articles than I can count since I started writing here and I wouldn't have it any other way. These people that I work with are my friends and some of them I haven't even met outside our group chat.

If you also want to be apart of an amazing group of writers and be able to share your ideas with the world then I encourage all to apply. If you have any questions feel free to Facebook message me and I will answer anything that I can for you.

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