Why You Should Write For Odyssey
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Why You Should Write For Odyssey

A why I do.

Why You Should Write For Odyssey

Dear Potential Writer,

The past couple of months I have been recruiting for the Odyssey for new writers, videographers, and photographers. It's a tough job hearing no 75 percent of the time, however, I love my job. I love talking to others and informing them of the Odyssey and our need for good writers all over the country. I love telling them why they should write and I thought maybe my readers would want to know as well. Here's why you should be a part of Odyssey.

It is a great experience

That maybe not be spherical but...

You get to write articles on just about anything

This is great because you basically have the whole world, no the whole universe, to write about.

It's easier than you think

All you have to do is apply. Then every week you write one interesting article (preferably not "A Letter To My Mom" or "A Letter To My Ex"... MY LORD anyone can write these kinds of articles)

It will be edited and then all you have to do is share it on social media. If you think you don't have time to write one article a week, it takes about 30-60 minutes to come up with and write a good article. If you really can't write an article that week, it's not like we kick you out of the group, but we do expect you to write the following week!

It can keep you busy (Read the explanation...I know I don't sometimes)

I can totally attest to always being busy, however, I choose that kind of life because if i'm not busy I sink into depression. I don't know if that's just me, I just have to keep busy. Most of the time I have articles already typed up or ideas on my phone. It is easier than you think and it can keep you busy, it just matters how much you are involved.

It pays

Don't go quitting your day job, but it does pay a little. If your article within the team gets the most shares that week, then you will receive $20 from the Odyssey via Pay Pal. It might seem minimal, however, that $20 can add up. It did for this guy:

It's a pretty supportive community

Besides those Odyssey haters that are very slim to none, your friends and family will probably love to read your articles. I know my friends do.

I know I can always ask my friends about what topic(s) I should write about. Your team is also here for your support. We are here to brain storm when writer's block suddenly dwells in your brain.

We also love reading and sharing your articles because we see a new perspective. I enjoy reading all of my writers work and sharing their work on Facebook because I know my friends would love to do the same. That's how "shares" work.

A friend share the article, their friends share the article, and your article goes viral from there. It may not happen that quick, however, it has in the past to my friends and writers. Don't get discouraged when that writer seems to always win every week because sooner or later that will be you.

I write for the Odyssey because I feel a multitude of people would truly enjoy my stories and ideas. Ever since I was a child, I loved to tell stories. I was that child that always wanting to talk (...I'm still kind of that way. I'm working on it because it can be annoying and rude sometimes).

Me as a kid:

(I hope you enjoyed that little break from my article). I never realized I was a good writer until I was telling a friend a story in Latin class (yeah Latin class...) and my teacher overheard and say the whole class should hear it. To anybody else, this probably would have been terrifying, however, for myself being an actress (how ever popular a theatre actress can be at 13 haha), I was overjoyed.

I don't think my teacher did this to punish me. I honestly think she decided maybe the kids needed a break or it was just too funny not to hear. So I got up and told the story about how how I got my finger stuck in a Christmas ornament in the 6th grade. I'll save that story for another time because it's irrelevant to this article. After I had finished my story, my teacher said, "Wow Emily! You're a great storyteller." She was the first person to acknowledge my talent for storytelling.

Aww thanks Ms. Ewing:

The second person to acknowledge my talent for storytelling and writing was my 11th grade English teacher, Mrs Kirk. She was a great teacher who was always a tough grader. Back then, I was that kid who was never content with an 80-90 percent, most students just wanted to pass. However (I wanted to put "but" there, however, I knew Mrs Kirk would not approve), I rarely questioned her grading because she was most likely right and she also scared me a little. Mrs Kirk was the first person to recognize my writing as something I might be talented enough to pursue.

In the midst of college, I decided to major in Multimedia Journalism and haven't looked back since. I've kept writing papers that even my professors like...well most of the time. My business or management professors usually don't like my papers because I have "a sort of spunk" to my writing. Hearing those words has never stopped how I write. I continue to write business articles as a journalist with sass and spunk. I don't care about the grade at least I'm being true to myself

Which brings me to the Odyssey, this is where I can truly be myself. I can write about almost anything. (I almost wrote "the world is my oyster" there, however, that is a cliché that Mrs. Kirk would disapprove of). I have free range to write anything which makes writing more enjoyable. When in your life are you able to write about whatever you desire? Almost never.

Even if you think you are not a good writer, that doesn't mean you don't have ideas and stories to share. I sure as hell wasn't the best writer when I first joined the Odyssey. In spite of that, I learned to be a good writer, you must first be a good story teller.

Hope to see your writing soon.

Your Hopeful Recruiter and Editor,

Ryan Gossling...just kidding




REQUEST AN INVITATION HERE: https://muse.theodysseyonline.com/apply/

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