My Money, My Choices

Money. It doesn’t grow on trees, and it’s the most difficult thing in the world to keep. It takes forever to accumulate, and once you do, make sure you aren’t going crazy and losing it. Money makes people make stupid decisions, but there are the people that use it to make some good come out in the world. Those are the people that one might applaud and challenge to take on a mission to help the individuals that use money for bad.

But what about the people who just live? The people who use their money to get, say, a nose piercing, or a movie ticket, and then come into fire. Are those people that we are supposed to judge and ridicule because of what they decided to spend their money on? Or do they just get to live their life?

Well, to be honest, I think you can do whatever the hell you want with your money. You pay your bills, and then want to go and treat yourself? Do it. You want to get a nose piercing because it’s something you have always wanted to do? Do it. You want to buy a McChicken because you are ridiculously hungry and want something fast and easy? Do it. You want to go with a friend and watch a movie because it’s tradition? Do it.

I can’t say enough how many times I have come across posts and tweets, and had people tell me to my face, how one should be careful with their money. And while I agree with that, what’s the harm in choosing to get a tattoo because I have worked hard and saved extra money to treat myself with this simple gift? What’s the harm in doing something that impacts NO ONE other than myself?

I work my ass off, and at the end of the day, it all comes down to my money, and my choices. I should be aloud to do what I want too. Have I struggled in the past with money? You betcha. But I have learned to appreciate the value of a dollar, and to know when an expense crosses a line, or that it just is not in the budget. I have learned that people are going to judge me anyways, whether I buy fruit loops, or something healthy, or pay the light bill before the rent. So why not prioritize myself and then do whatever the hell I want?

It’s my money. It’s my choices. It’s my mistakes. It’s my life.

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